How to Select and Complete Your First Salesforce Trailhead Module

How to Select and Complete Your First Salesforce Trailhead Module

Are you ready to learn all about how to select and complete your first Salesforce Trailhead module (ever)?

Let me first set the framework – I am completely new to Salesforce Trailhead too! As a person with novice experience with Salesforce Trailhead, I was surprised to discover 365 modules with training sessions lasting from 10 minutes to over 2 hours.

Wowza! Where to begin?

As a marketer, I went for the marketing modules first so I could have something to relate to.

Being that it was my first time exploring Trailhead, though I’ve heard much about it before and explored a little via articles and short video tutorials, I questioned whether or not I would understand the terminology, but, rest assured – my muscle memory is better than I expected!

I picked up on a lot of the terminologies after watching several of Ledgeview’s own Salesforce on-demand webinars and user groups, of course. Therefore, it was relatively easy for me to jump in.

If you’re nervous about starting and don’t share my experience, however, I would suggest starting with reading simple how-to articles or watching short video tutorials before jumping into the modules, though Salesforce does make them very user-friendly, I’ll get to that later …

How to Select and Complete Your First Salesforce Trailhead Module

How to Select and Complete Your First Salesforce Trailhead Module

I finally know why people are so excited about and posting about earning Salesforce badges on Twitter.

It’s relatively easy to go through the modules, but don’t just click through and find answers later. This isn’t junior high. (It’s your career and adult life.)

Be mindful of and present with your education in Trailhead.

You can post about your accomplishments on Twitter when you really earn your badges! *wink, wink*

In order to retain the information and benefit from it, you should know by now, that you should study and take the notes you need to succeed to use what you learn actionably, later.

When you click on a module, you are taken to a screen that outlines key learning objectives within the path you select.

I selected  “Customer Journey Basics” after filtering my options by “Beginner” and “Marketing Cloud”.

How to Select and Complete Your First Salesforce Trailhead Module

After clicking on the “Customer Journey Basics” module, I was redirected to the first segment of the module, called “Understand the Connected Customer”.

Trailhead does a good job of balancing its module segments with text and graphics. You start a bit text-heavy but soon see how the information works graphically in the form of video, screenshots, and branded graphics.

So, for those that prefer visuals to word, you will like these modules, too. As for me, I love to write and read, but I still appreciate and notice the balanced layout as a marketer.

The user-experience is friendly, is what I’m getting to … 

Trailhead starts this module by relating to your life and business. You won’t be overloaded with technical terms when you start, or, at least, with my first module, I wasn’t.

Then it takes you through more examples relevant to the current market, peppered with visuals and short video content, and, in no time at all, you’re ready to take the quiz that you have all the answers to.

How to Select and Complete Your First Salesforce Trailhead Module

If you get an answer wrong, it’s okay. There are chances to go back, but it’s fairly easy to get 100%.

Within the module, you always have time to scroll up and re-review if you need to before you take the quiz to earn badge credit, though, for me, the best thing I can do to retain information is to take notes, so that has been my strategy so far.

Something especially interesting I took away from this module was acknowledging all of the possible touchpoints a customer has with you before they begin a more serious set of interactions, moving more deeply through the customer journey.

Did you know that the average consumer is exposed to more than 4,000 messages a day? That’s a lot over the course of a career.

I learned Marketing Cloud helps you take your customer through their journey in a personalized way that is relevant to them while recording data and analyzing engagements to help you shape even better paths for them.

Since the ultimate goal is to increase customer retention and make them an advocate, this systematic approach appears tremendous.

How to Select and Complete Your First Salesforce Trailhead Module

I am interested to test out what I’ve learned, especially with creating goals, adding connections, and using “Einstein”.

I am impressed with the detail Salesforce has put into Marketing Cloud, identifying touchpoints and analytics by “moments”, and I find the progress bar to be an especially beneficial feature.

Much of the terminology expressed in the overall module, across segments, was similar to other marketing automation tutorials I have watched before.

Whatever your path with Trailhead, I recommend starting with a place that feels natural to you. So, for me, as a marketer, I opted to start with Marketing Cloud, but as a Customer Service Rep, you may take a different focus.

As I completed the module, it felt like smooth-sailing. The educational paths are designed for different levels of experience that relate to your professional life and goals with Salesforce.

As a newbie to the platform, I feel empowered and encouraged to continue my Salesforce education with more Trailhead modules in between my bigger projects here at Ledgeview.

So far, so good with Trailhead, and, according to the platform, I’m a “Hiker”.

Best of luck out there, Trailheads!

How to Select and Complete Your First Salesforce Trailhead Module

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