How to Set a Default Price List with a Real-Time Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

If you use any of the sales related entities (Opportunity, Quote, Order, or Invoice) in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM in conjunction with the line items you’ve noticed that the Price List field is required.

If you strictly use the line items as write-ins you’ve probably already created a dummy Price List that users can select in order to appease the system.

If you’re in the situation where your organization only works out of one main Price List, users are still stuck picking the one option from the lookup every time. A quick and easy time-saver for the end user is to set up a real-time workflow that populates the Price List field when the record is created.

You’ll need to create a version of this workflow for all the different entities that have the Price List field.

A couple things to keep in mind when setting this up:

· Uncheck ‘Run this workflow in the background’ – doing this will make sure the field gets populated in ‘real-time’ after the user saves the record for the first time

· Check ‘As an on-demand process’ (Optional) – if you check this you will also be able to use this workflow manually to update records where the Price List was not set

· Check Start when ‘Record is created’ – along with the background setting this will ensure the field is populated right away

Dynamics 365 CRM Tip

In the workflow’s Update step – make sure you choose the Price List you want to be populated by default.

Dynamics 365/CRM

Save everything and don’t forget to Activate the workflow and you should be all set!

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