How to Set Up a Dynamics 365/CRM Trial Without Linking to an Existing Environment

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

The steps shared in this post are for Dynamics 365 admins or users who want to set up a trial CRM environment without linking it to their current Office 365 tenant.

This creates a truly stand-alone trial that doesn’t link to their current CRM environment, enabling unlimited potential.

The major benefit of this process is not having the Trial instance show up anywhere within their current CRM environment, so no one will stumble into this Trial instance when looking at their production instance.

Here’s how to get started …

  1. Navigate to
  2. Scroll down to “Sign-up for a Trial”
    1. Don’t fill in the Fields
    2. Click on “Sign Up Here”
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  3. You will see this pop-up – when you do, click on “No, continue signing up” …
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  4. You will now see the “older” form, which will create a stand-alone CRM Trial environment
    1. Make sure to make the “Company Name” unique
      1. Normally, when I set this up, I use my initials, the word “Trial”, and the month/year – so, for example: TMLTrial1218
      2. Remember, this company name because I recommend using it when creating a User ID
      3. Click “Next” once completed
    2. You can use your same name, email, and phone number on every trial setup this way
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  5. Create your User ID
    1. I recommend placing your Company Name within the “Domain” area
    2. Click “Create my Account”
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  6. Do the text to prove you are not a robot and fill in your confirmation number. Click “Next”
  7. Click on “Setup”
  8. Select what Product or Products, you want to see within the Trial – Click “Complete Setup”
  9. Once you are in your CRM Trial, you will be logged in as a User role. Complete the following steps to become an administrator:
    1. Navigate to Settings > Security > Users
    2. Select your “User”
    3. Click on “Promote to Admin”
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That’s it – you’ve done it!

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