How to Set Up a Global Search in Microsoft Dynamics 365

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When Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 was released, one of the most anticipated functionality additions was the Global Search function.

With Global Search, users were able to query across multiple entities at the same time. By entering search criteria, users can quickly see where relevant information in CRM may be found.

Here is an example of a search and the results looking at Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM in 2018:

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Global Search can be configured to include the entities that best fit your business’s needs. It is just about as easy to set it up as it is to use. Following are the steps to set up Global Search:

1. Go to Settings –> Administration –> System Settings

2. On the General tab, locate the ‘Set up Search’ section and click on ‘Select’ next to ‘Select Entities for Categorized Search’.

How to Set Up a Global Search in CRM

3. Select the desired entities that you would like Global Search to apply to by adding them to the ‘Selected Entities’ column. (Note – you can select a maximum of 10.) Move the items in the list up/down to set the order in which the results are displayed. Click OK and then click OK on Systems Settings for the changes to take effect.

How to Set Up a Global Search in CRM

4. Depending on which fields you would like users to search on in each entity, you must update the corresponding entity(s) “Quick Find” view to include the “find” and “view” fields that you desire.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

5. When records are displayed in the Global Search results, there is a hard limit of only three fields pertaining to the record shown (see example below). Those three fields correspond to the 3 left most fields in that entity’s ‘Quick Find’ view. To modify which three fields are shown, you must edit and publish the Quick Find view.

6. In the example below, the account name, address 1 city, and account number will display in account records that are in the Global Search results window.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

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