How to Smoothly Upgrade to Dynamics 365 V9 On-premises

How to Upgrade to Dynamics 365 V9 On-premises Smoothly with LedgeviewAre you ready to make the move to the newly-released Dynamics 365 V9 On-premises in the New Year?

With the V9 upgrade deadline that is coming for Microsoft Dynamics online customers on Jan. 31, 2019, CRM On-premises customers may consider their own unique advantages of making the change in the New Year.

As far as V9 is considered, there are some major benefits of moving to Dynamics 365 On-premises sooner rather than later in 2019.

As technology evolves, we always recommend to keep up as to not fall behind or suffer from technological lag later in the game.

Top considerations for making the transition early in 2019 may include:

  • A cleaner traditional user interface
  • A new unified user interface (UUI)
  • A new and improved mobile app
  • Improved Dynamics 365 for Outlook App
  • Increased User Adoption
  • Many exciting new features

When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics 365 V9 On-premises, there are unique benefits to consider that are not the same as those making transitions to online.

By moving from CRM On-premises to Dynamics 365 V9 On-premises, users will reap these rewards:

Maximize Dynamics 365 V9 On-premises Feature Utilization

When you make the transition, you will have access to all of the features and product advancements from Microsoft with the V9 release.

If you are using Dynamics CRM On-premises now, and don’t make the move, you will not have access to the new functionalities.

While Microsoft has a major focus to drive organizations online (to the cloud) with updates to Dynamics 365 twice per year (April and October), On-premises users have the ability to upgrade once per year with new enhancements (October release).

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM V9

Keep Up with the Technology

We all know how fast technology changes. The better you keep up, the less likely you are to fall behind.

Of course, timing is everything. By running an Upgrade Diagnostic, you will be able to best determine when the right time is for your organization while preventing complications and identifying system breaks.

Upgrade Diagnostics will help take the stress an upgrade may potentially cause your team, especially if you haven’t done it in a while.

Ledgeview’s experts can help you with this step.

We carefully consider your entire process, goals, and needs before we help you to make the transition by conducting a thorough business analysis that will allow us to pinpoint a good time for your org to make the move, all to help ensure your success.

Make Future Transitions a Breeze

We all could use easier transitions in our lives, right? Change is inevitable, but the more we keep up with shifts, the better we can respond.

While you may not be ready to move to Dynamics 365 online yet, Dynamics 365 V9 On-premises is a good option for On-premises CRM users who want to gradually make the move and realize the system’s full potential.

The more you keep up, the easier it is to evolve and adapt to future upgrades.

We recommend reaching out soon to explore your options.

When you need help moving from CRM On-premises to D365 V9 On-premises, reach out to Ledgeview to get started!

Our experts are eager to help you succeed.

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