Retargeting Tips

Retargeting is another effective method of outbound marketing that embodies the strategy in full.

Retargeting refers to the process of “cookie-ing” your prospects and using a re-targeting network to serve relevant ads to your prospects on the websites they’re visiting – even on websites that aren’t on your own and can even be completely unrelated in terms of the subject matter!

Many of you have probably experienced this first hand. Are you ready to find more effective ways to retarget your audience?

The benefits of retargeting are fantastic because you can achieve a higher ROI than with your regular website ads.

How? This is because you can control who you want to see your ads and target your known prospects, or even go as far as to serve ads to anyone who has visited a particular page on your website.

The reason engagement is higher with retargeting is because it’s relevant. Your prospects will come to know who you are after just a few exposures!

It takes multiple times for them to recognize you. Retargeting helps amplify your exposure.

These are some of the most effective ways to retarget your audience to drive success:

  • Segment your audience
  • Pause or edit underperforming ads to make the most of your retargeting budget
  • Use data analysis to determine the optimal targeting metrics for your brand (i.e. locations, placements [if display campaign], age, household income, business type, industry type])
  • Set up a frequency cap on your campaigns so the same people aren’t seeing the same add too frequently
  • Geotarget them based on your sales territories and so there are fewer translation issues
  • Use your sales funnel to guide your retargeting strategy
  • Avoid targeting existing customers and focus on driving new traffic
  • Exclude your IP address from your retargeting campaigns so that employee traffic is not tracked
  • Change your retargeting visuals to keep yourselves modern and interesting
  • Use all ad sizes to test their effectiveness
  • Set a max bidding amount on your ads

These are just some of the top tips to be successful with retargeting campaigns.

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