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Salesforce Summer ’18 is full of great new features that both Users and Admins can benefit from.

When it comes to dashboard updates, Salesforce has risen to new levels that you will love. Ledgeview does, too. In fact, our CRM Support Specialists say it is one of their favorite new features in the Summer ’18 Release. This is why …

Salesforce Summer ’18 now allows you to take dashboards a few steps further. You can now link dashboards to a site in Salesforce, or a website outside of Salesforce. You can also subscribe others to dashboards now so everyone is in check and on the same page.

Salesforce UG Webinar

This means you can link your dashboards right to a Salesforce or Salesforce View.

So, for example, if you’re creating a dashboard chart, and want to link it to a chart full of opportunities, and want to allow someone access to this with just one click, you can. When you want to link out within or outside of Salesforce, creating custom links is now made easy.

Subscribing others to dashboards allows them to get more up to date information on a regular schedule that you determine as the manager or organizer.

If you want to do a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule run, you can set that subscription up and signify who you want to send it to, whether it be your Admin(s) or User(s).

These quick updates from Salesforce may seem simple, but they are very effective and time-saving updates that will improve the user experience over time.

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