How to Turn On Social Customer ServiceOnce you complete the first two units in the Salesforce Trailhead Module, “Social Customer Service,” you can take your knowledge to the next level and apply it with the unit, “Turn on Social Customer Service.”

In this unit from Salesforce Trailhead that we’ll be recapping today, we learn how to:

  • “Implement Social Customer Service
  • Set up a Twitter Channel with a Guided Setup Flow
  • And learn strategies to roll out social service to our teams”

While we can’t practice Social Customer Service in Trailhead Playground, we can still put these steps from Salesforce to practice!

  1. Click the gear icon and select “Service Setup”
  2. Click “View All” under Recommended Setup
  3. Scroll down to “Tweets” and click “Turn Tweets into Cases”
  4. Read the Terms of Service, and if you agree, click “Start”
  5. Click “Sign In” and add your business’s Twitter account
  6. Click “Authorize App” to let Salesforce connect with your Twitter account
  7. Add teammates who can respond to tweets turned into cases, and then click “Next”
  8. Click “Done” and then customers’ tweets become cases in Salesforce
  9. To customize the format of case Subject fields, add assignment rules, or update inbound settings, enter “Social Business Rules” in the Quick Find box in Setup

Salesforce reminds us that just because we turn on Social Customer Service, doesn’t mean everyone will know how to use it correctly. Before rolling out Social Customer Service, Salesforce says you should:

  • “Train agents to respond appropriately on social platforms
  • Create standardized responses
  • Refresh your customer service team on the voice and tone that matches your brand
  • Add approval processes so that a few managers can review responses before they are made to public customers.”

When you implement the technology, you will be able to deliver a more consistent customer experience and get more social!

Learn how exactly to turn on Social Customer Service for your organization when you complete the unit yourself.

Get started here.

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