How to Use Calculated Fields in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Calculated Fields were first introduced to Microsoft Dynamics years ago, but their value is timeless to this day.

This field type can be set up to provide Microsoft Excel-like formulas and calculations at the field level. They can easily be set up by a non-technical system customizer.

When setting the value in a calculated field, the following math operators are available:

  • = (Equal)
  • + (Plus)
  • – (Minus)
  • / (Divide)
  • * (Multiply)

The following String Functions are available for single-line fields,

  • TRIMLEFT (trims characters from the left to right)
  • TRIMRIGHT (trims characters from the right to left)
  • CONCAT (add single lines of text together)

The following Date/Time Functions are available for Whole Number or Date/Time fields:


Additional functions include:

  • NOW (gives current date and time)

This is a very powerful and useful feature.

In the scenario below, we will set up a calculated field in Dynamics to display the number of days that a case has been open.

Follow these steps to use Calculated Fields in Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  1. Add a new field to the case entity called ‘# of Days Open’
  2. Specify data type as decimal number and field type as calculated (as seen in the screenshot below).  Using a decimal field allows you to set the precision you want, and allows you to change that precision later if desired.  For a whole number, set the precision to zero.
    How to Use Calculated Fields
  3. Click ‘Edit’ to the right of the field type and specify that you only want this to calculate if the status is open (since we only want to count # of days open in this field).  Set the function to calculate the difference in days between the ‘created on’ date and ‘now’ (as seen below).
    How to Use Calculated Fields
  4. Click Save and Close to exit the screen above and then click Save and Close again to exit the field set up screen.
  5. Add the field to your form and be sure to publish.

Here is the field on the case record:

How to Use Calculated Fields

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