Content Analytics and CRM

How to Use Content Analytics and CRM to Close the Sale

Content, content, content.

Any marketer in the digital age of technology will tell you how important it is to have an abundance of content associated with your company published to the Web.

Not only does content attract new and existing customers, but also it keeps your brand identity current.

How can white papers, e-books, blogs, infographics, videos, and webinars specifically benefit the sales team, though?

These types of content are incredibly important when it comes to guiding the customer’s buying journey. More so, analyzing the data associated with this content becomes essential.

Making content data visible in your CRM dashboards will prove highly effective in delivering relevant social posts, email marketing campaigns, and other deliverables to the right people at the right time.

Content is all about creating thought leadership, or, at least, it should be.

Your organization will thrive as a leader in your industry by informing, educating, and supporting the customer’s buying journey with applicable content.

Use content to your advantage from a sales perspective.


Imagine you are a social media marketing agency sales rep who met a potential client, let’s call him Todd, at an influencer marketing conference.

Todd wants to boost his social presence but isn’t sure how. He has downloaded a lot of your case studies and engaged with emails and social posts.

After noticing Todd’s continued interactions, you decide to follow up with him via email to see how you can help. Todd sets an appointment with you, and, Wham-O — he decides to book with your agency!

Learning to leverage content analytics to your advantage as a salesperson will be a huge benefit.

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How to Use Content Analytics and CRM to Close the Sale

How to Use Content Analytics and CRM to Close the Sale

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