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Much to the excitement of Microsoft Dynamics 365 users, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement Version 9.0 has introduced Custom Controls to allow users to add visualizations to their fields.

This enhancement transforms traditionally text-based fields to be more visually appealing.

Now, Custom Controls can be used to transform forms, views, and datasets.  These Custom Controls can be utilized to simplify the User Experience and provide time saving capabilities and features.

Users can even set up their system to have one Custom Control appear in a Web browser and another in a phone or tablet through the mobile Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement app.

Once a Custom Control is published, users can interact with it in their chosen format, whether they use a slider in a mobile app or number input method in a web browser. Once changes are made, the form is saved automatically, just as they would be with a traditional form field.

Do you want to start taking advantage of Custom Controls to create a more visually-appealing interface?

In this post, we cover some exciting Custom Controls you can start to take advantage of now, and provide the steps from Microsoft on how to enable them.

Follow these Steps to Enable Custom Controls:

  • Open Solution Explorer
  • Expand Entities
  • Expand the Entity you want to change
  • Select Forms
  • Open a Form
  • Double-click the Field you want to add a Custom Control on OR Create a Custom Field
  • On the Field Properties Page, select “Controls”, and then select “Add Control”
  • On the “Add Control Page”, select the control you want, and then select “Add”
  • Select the Client where you want the control to appear
    • Web
    • Phone
    • Tablet
  • Select the pencil icon next to Min, Max, and Step, select the property option, and then select “OK”
  • Select “OK” to close the FIeld Properties Page
  • To activate your Custom Control, select “Save” on the entity form, and then select “Publish”
  • Select “Save and Close” to close the form editor


If you are still having trouble enabling Custom Controls, read this article from Microsoft that breaks down the details even further on the topic.

Here are a few Custom Controls you can begin to take advantage of now in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Version 9.0.

1. Linear Slider/Linear Gauge/Arc Knob/Radio Knob

What’s Possible?

Users can change the default label and text box field of any Whole Number, Decimal, and Currency field within a form to any of the above options.  An example would be to change the Budget Amount field on the Opportunity to a Linear Slide to be able to quickly set a budget amount for the Opportunity.  These controls allow you to set Min, Max, and Step (Increment) properties for the control.

This Custom Control is possible with Web and Mobile interfaces. So, while on your Web interface, you may decide to not enable the Custom Control and leave it to manual data input, with the Mobile interface, you may decide to take advantage of the visual slider option.

Whatever your fancy, whenever it is updated on either platform and with or without the Custom Control, your data is updated automatically just like it would be with the traditional interface..

2. Star Rating

What’s Possible? Users can bring star ratings to life in one of the most frequently and commonly used controls in the D365 Mobile interface. This provides a quick visualization for users during the manual data entry process.  This control can be added to any whole number field and sets the value of the field to be 1 through 5.

Star Rating

This Custom Control is possible with Web and Mobile interfaces.

3. Flip Switch

What’s Possible? Users can easily flip the switch and toggle between allowing or not allowing Bulk Email, for example. Much like star rating, this Custom Control provides quick visualization for users during the manual data entry process. This control can be added to any two options (Boolean) field.

Flip Switch

This Custom Control is possible with Web and Mobile interfaces.

4. Embedded Canvas App

What’s Possible? Users can now embed their own custom apps on Dynamics 365 forms. Easily create custom visual layouts using the PowerApp’s powerful, low-code, WYSIWYG canvas app designer. This opens up a lot of possibilities, such as embedding a Google Map to provide visualization into your customers’ locations or connecting to a variety of external services.

This Custom Control is possible with Web and Mobile interfaces.

5. Auto-Complete

What’s Possible? Developers used to be the only ones who could touch this, but now users have the ability to configure auto-complete text fields based on option sets or even Views. This helps to keep your data entry processes consistent and organized, supporting the business principles of inter-departmental alignment through and through.  The below illustration is looking up the Contact entity (from inside a Text field):

Auto-Complete Custom Control

This Custom Control is possible with Web and Mobile interfaces.

Other notable Custom Controls users are excited about in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement Version 9.0 include Input Mask, Numeric Controls, Pen Input, Bar Code Scanner, Editable Grid, and AI Business Card Scanner.

If you would like help taking advantage of Custom Controls, reach out to our Sales team and they can set you up with our CRM Support Specialists.

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