How to Use Email-to-Case in Salesforce

This capability is available in Sales and Service Cloud. Either one you are licensed with, you will be able to take advantage of Email-to-Case.

Email-to-Case is simple for most Users to comprehend.

Email-to-Case helps your company efficiently resolve and correspond with customer inquiries via email. Salesforce automatically creates cases and auto-populates case fields when customers send messages to the email addresses you specify.

It saves many inefficiencies that some customer service reps may have otherwise copied and pasted into your Salesforce system. It helps you get the cases quickly into Salesforce.

There are two setup options with Email-to-Case. You can either:

  1. Setup an “agent application that runs on a server within your network that will route appropriate emails to Salesforce. OR …
  2. Define email addresses that will be forwarding emails to Salesforce through On-Demand Email-to-Case.

The first of these options is a more secure way to manage email messages, because it stays within your network, though it does require a server.

The advantage to option two is that it’s easier to set up. It is simpler, but it routes traffic via the secure internet.

It routes traffic through the Web, so you should talk to your IT department and email administrators to understand what will work best for your organization.

With each of these options, however, come limitations.

These are defined below:

Before you enable Email-to-Case, Ledgeview recommends you set up the appropriate support settings.

Set a default case owner in case of any automation assignment issues and set an automated case user.

You should also consider creating a default email template for the automated notification that will be sent to your customers when they submit an email. Ledgeview advises you create case queues if you wish to assign incoming cases to queues as well as to individual users.

When you’re ready to put this information into action, watch Ledgeview’s on-demand webinar: “What’s Possible with Customer Service in Salesforce,” which includes a demo of Email-to-Case.

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