Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRMThe knowledge base is a little-known feature of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM that allows you to capture information in a structured manner so that it can easily be searched later.

This search can be conducted via the keywords that have been defined for the articles or by a full-text search of the article contents.

The content arrangement is based on templates defined by your System Administrators so when it comes time to create a new article it’s as simple as picking a template and filling in the content.

To achieve this, you need to Copy and Paste the item from a browser.

If you see a link used in a web page you should be able to Select and Copy it via a Right-click or Ctrl-C, then Paste it into the article using a Right-click or Ctrl-V.

If you can’t find a link, you can create your own with some simple HTML, using something like Notepad.

On line #4 replace ‘’ with the URL you’d like the link to open, also replace ‘Click Here!’ what text you’d like to appear.

On line #5 replace ‘’ with the URL of the image. The image does not get embedded into the article so it will need to be hosted someplace that is accessible from your network.

If you only want a link or an image, delete the line you don’t need.

When complete, save the file with the .html extension. Then Right-click the file and Select ‘Open with’, then pick a browser from the list of applications.

In the new browser window, copy and paste the content into your article. It may take a few seconds for images to appear, but keep in mind the link won’t be clickable until you actually publish the article.

Here’s the finished product!

Once you have clicked on the Hyperlink icon a box will display to guide you through the process. Simply type in the display text and then the URL you would like them to visit.

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