How You Can Utilize Salesforce Spring ’18 Path Updates with Cases

Salesforce Spring '18 Release

Updates with the Salesforce Spring ’18 Release went live for all users less than a month ago.

A major update with the Salesforce Spring ’18 Release was with Paths. They are not just for Status and Stages anymore, but are now available in Cases!

Formerly, Paths were called Sales Paths in Salesforce Lightning. However, as soon as Salesforce saw the potential for the feature to grow, expand, and evolve within the CRM solution, the “Sales” part was immediately abandoned.

Following, Salesforce started rolling it out to other Objects.

Of course, one of the pieces that were missing Paths were Cases, which, with the release, has now opened up Paths to any Picklist you may have.

Salesforce has now expanded Paths to allow any Picklists that you want to choose in the Objects, and leverage your Path off of them.

That said, from a Salesforce Admin standpoint, you don’t just have to look for Status or Staged Fields any longer.

If you have Picklist values either in Custom Objects where you’re leveraging Path, or on Leads or Opportunities Accounts, those lists will now show up in that Picklist option as you’re configuring it.

This functionality really shines when it comes to your Accounts. Before, you could just use the Default Field.

While some Salesforce Users don’t like to use the Lead Object, and, instead, do prospecting inside of accounts, you now have the capability with the Spring ’18 Release to do that.

Now, you can actually use your Account Objects as your leads. You can prospect Accounts, go through a nurturing process, then convert them into Customers, and maybe even get them all the way to VIP status.

More importantly, a feature that has been out in the success community since Path was conceptualized and released in Salesforce Lightning, was the ability to do a Pass on Cases.

As many Salesforce Users know, this feature had been held behind; they immediately released it for Opportunities, then later rolled it out into Leads and with other Custom Objects, but didn’t put much development into Cases.

With the Spring ’18, however, Salesforce finally brought Cases to the forefront with Path.

Salesforce Spring '18 Release

Just as you have Leads and Opportunities, you can now have a Path defined for how you get from one Stage or Status, or from one spot to the next, with Cases.

This now provides a streamlined process for all of your agents of their Handling Cases in the same manner; so, the customer experience is the same, regardless of who that customer is talking to within your agent team.

Salesforce Spring '18 Release

For example, if you go into Cases, and look at your existing Case Items, you will now see the Path option at the top of your screen. It can be expanded upon by clicking the drop-down arrow.

You will find that it has the same functionalities as with Leads and Opportunities.

You can have Fields pulled out specific to the Stage you may be on, or whatever your Path is designed around for a Picklist.

As you navigate through, you will find there are various Fields you can focus on, as well as the same types of tips or guidance for success you previously found with other Objects.

Paths and Picklists in Salesforce

You will be able to identify the information you need to focus on.

It allows a more streamlined and granular focus on your Cases and how reps are handling those cases. Remember, you can also use Custom Picklists; so, if your organization doesn’t focus on leads, you can set up a Path that’s now focused on Custom Picklists within the Object itself.

Salesforce Spring '18 Release

You can easily walk through and change Custom Values while focusing your sales reps on Accounts.

Overall, updates to Path in the Salesforce Spring ’18 release allow for more capabilities in your system and for you to manage your business the way you want to.

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