TipIf you’re using the SLAs or Routing Rules that became available with the spring 2014 release (SP1) of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 you should be aware of a small caveat when using them in solutions.

The current problem is that you cannot import a solution that contains either of these two items into an organization that already has the item in an activated status. In effect, these items are treated like metadata so they can be exported as part of a solution but perhaps should be treated as data and moved between organizations by other means.

This is a known issue and was documented at the time of the release. Although it doesn’t call out SLAs as having the same behavior, my testing indicated that the same problem exists. Hopefully this will be fixed in an upcoming update rollup.

In the interim you will need to remember to manually deactivate these items prior to importing an effected solution and the re-activate them after. Another good approach would be to separate them into their own solutions whenever possible to avoid having to worry about the manual steps until you really need to make a change to one of the effected items.

Here is some documentation for the latest read me file packaged with the SP1 update:

Importing a solution with an active routing rule into an organization where the rule already exists and is active fails (303536)

You cannot edit an active rule. If a rule is active, when you try to import the rule with the same ID, the solution import will fail.”


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