Salesforce Spring '18 Release

Prior to the Salesforce Spring ’18 Release, the Lead Conversion Process was rather simplified.

There were still some advantages to how Classic handled Lead Conversion versus how Lightning handled it.

In the Spring ’18 Release, when Salesforce went through and updated the Lead Conversion Process, they expanded to leapfrog what they’ve done in Classic.

As a Salesforce Admin, this is great to see, because Salesforce now provides more motivation for Users to switch to Lightning.

If you remember, in Classic, there were a lot of requests around: “I don’t want to have to create an opportunity when my users convert a lead.”

The way around that used to be creating a hack — a custom button that had extra code in it that would essentially tick the box for not wanting to create these opportunities.

That was put in place in a lot of places. Many Salesforce Users did that because they couldn’t hide the opportunity option, but they didn’t want to have to create an option by default.

Users had that box checked because, when they converted the Lead, they wanted to be able to turn the Lead into an Account Contact, and not necessarily always create an opportunity.

With Lightning, Salesforce set that functionality up from a configuration standpoint; so, now when you go into your Lead Conversion settings, there are other options for selecting “Don’t Create an Opportunity by Default.”

Rather than having the hack, as you may have had to do with Classic, there’s now a configurable option for that box so that it is automatically checked and ready to go.

You now have the capability to create an opportunity, but it’s not a requirement by the Salesforce User.

Salesforce Spring '18 Release

One other piece that Salesforce added in this update is completely hiding the opportunity option on a Lead Conversion.

If you’re a part of an organization that doesn’t use Lead Conversion or the Opportunities object yet, and you are just doing conversions into Accounts or Existing Accounts and Contacts, you can completely hide that piece.

This eliminates you from having to worry about a sales or marketing rep going through your system and accidentally creating an opportunity when it’s not an object you are prepared to handle from an organizational standpoint within Salesforce.

You can hide that completely so they only have the option to look at Accounts and Contacts and work within those two objects.

In the Lead Conversion process that was in Classic, doing matching on an Account was limited.

Lightning takes this process a step further than Classic by allowing you to do a full raw search in the system by default, so it will go and try to use the same functionality if there’s a potential account that matches an account that’s already in the system.

If you locate one, it will ask you, “Do you mean this account?”

But, if it doesn’t find anything, Salesforce has a full search capability that allows you to go through and say, “You know, I’m pretty sure this lead or company is already in the system, but I need to do a Global Search because I think it’s named differently.”

Salesforce now allows you to easier find the account despite it being potentially misnamed in the system, for example.

You can easier find the correct record to keep your data clean! Overall, with the Spring ’18 Release and especially in Lead Conversion, data quality is much higher.

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