Incentivize Sales Teams to Boost Rep Performance

Incentivize Sales Teams to Boost Rep Performance

In the first unit of the Salesforce Trailhead module, “Sales Performance Strategies,” we learn all about the importance of setting Sales Performance Goals.

Unit two takes things a step further and elaborates on the importance of Incentivizing Sales Teams.

When we think about incentives, our minds often wander to extrinsic rewards – material incentives like extra money or corporate gifts. However, Salesforce reminds us that intrinsic rewards are just as valuable.

To find the right incentives for your organization, Salesforce recommends that sales and operations leadership sit down to decide on the right balance of incentives to ensure “meaningful business growth.”

Incentives should be achievable and not so far out of reach that they work in reverse and demotivate your sales team.

Common incentives organizations give include:

  • Cash incentives or commission
  • Material or cash-related goods (electronics, home goods, trips, etc.)
  • Social recognition (sales leaderboards, team-wide email recognition, etc.)

While it’s important to acknowledge the great efforts of your salespeople, you don’t want to cross a line and shame those that don’t produce the same results. This can further demotivate them and push them away from your objectives or organization altogether.

To address sales under-performers, managers should have 1-on-1 meetings to bring it to their attention in a respectful manner, provide feedback and structure for success moving forward.

Sales operations can assist with coming up with the right set of KPIs for under-performers to start with.

Learn more about How to Incentivize Sales Teams to Boost Rep Performance when you start the Salesforce Trailhead module and finish unit two.

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