In this infographic, Ledgeview helps you define and move through your funnel stages of the buyer’s journey to help you do the same with your customers …

Ledgeview Partners Infographic

If you like this infographic, check out these expert eBooks that expand on the topic of marketing to help you thrive with your technology and strategies!

Sales and Marketing Statistics eBook 2019

eBook: The Big Book of Facts + Statistics that Marketers + Salespeople Need to Know in 2019

Throughout this eBook, we share relevant facts and statistics from trusted, global experts on the state of marketing today, and how we relate as salespeople, marketers, and technologists in the current marketplace.

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Expert eBook

eBook: 5 Signs that You’re Ready for Marketing Automation

Have you reached the phase in the relationship with your email provider where you’re not sure if you can make it all the way or need a breakup?

This eBook from Ledgeview Partners and Act-On will help you determine whether or not you’re ready to move on to the next best thing – marketing automation!

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Ledgeview Partners eBook

eBook: 11 Steps to Using Marketing Automation to Create Sales and Marketing Alignment

As you may know from reading other Ledgeview Partners content or insight from other industry experts, the cost of sales and marketing misalignment is huge. In this eBook, we take a specific look at how sales and marketing misalignment affects your organization’s marketing automation system and strategy.

When you decide to implement a marketing automation system and/or integrate it with CRM, you may feel overwhelmed at first about how to manage it and use it in its full capacity, among many other things.

What’s important when it comes to using marketing automation and creating sales and marketing alignment to achieve success with it, entering the process in the right frame of mind, making connections, and establishing thorough communication to set you up for success.

When you put your process first, you’re bound to find success with technology second.

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