Are you considering moving your Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM environment to the Cloud?

Here are some things you and your teammates should know before you make the transition.

Of course, we at Ledgeview always recommend you conduct an analysis to identify if this is the right choice for you!

Ledgeview Partners Infographic

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM User Group Webinar

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM User Group

As a Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM user, you are likely always looking to improve your skills, effectiveness, and use of your Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM environment.

In our monthly user group webinars, we answer your FAQs on how to use specific functionality, and also provide insight around specific features.

You don’t need to be a customer of ours to attend. All are welcome.

Lead Scoring Webinar

Dynamics 365/CRM Tips from Ledgeview Partners

Blog: Top 10 Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Tips of 2018

This December, Ledgeview Partners is bringing you a series of recaps that show the Top 10 Most Popular posts on our blog, under a variety of categories.

For this series, we have determined the most popular posts based on CTR and the time spent on each individual post.

In 2018, Ledgeview Partners was recognized as 1 of the Top 20 Microsoft Dynamics Blogs by FeedSpot, and, while we publish anywhere from 5 to 7 blogs per week, and sometimes more, our most clicked-through content of the year, according to the reports we generated from back-end data reporting systems, much of our legacy content was the most popular this year!

That in mind, we are excited to bring all of you Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM users and admins out there a truly dynamic content recap to help you end 2018 right, and start 2019 even more confident with your system and processes than before!

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Ledgeview Partners eBook

eBook: 10 Expert CRM Tips to Get Your Users Excited About CRM Again

Though CRM is a valuable, beneficial solution for your business, it isn’t magic. CRM requires hard work that must be maintained and always evolving as your business does. When it goes stagnant, Ledgeview often finds it’s because of a number of reasons, stemming from lack of executive sponsorship to lack of ongoing training, etc.

CRM is a discipline. Users must be logging in, using its functionalities, understanding its updates, and engaging in consistent training, among other educational tactics to keep themselves engaged.

Get expert tips on reinvigorating them with CRM in this eBook.

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