Though many think of email marketing and marketing automation interchangeably, email marketing is really only one segment of what comprises marketing automation.

It’s a common misconception. Email marketing is still incredibly important to how we reach and engage with our audiences today.

Here’s how it’s used as part of marketing automation systems and strategies among successful organizations.

LVP Infographic

If you like this infographic, check out these expert eBooks that elaborate on marketing automation best practices as a whole!

Ledgeview Partners eBook

eBook: How to Score with Lead Scoring

Within this eBook, we help you identify key steps on how to score with lead scoring, moving clients from the awareness stage of the buyer journey to interest to consideration. If you’re ready to take your marketing automation and lead scoring efforts to the next level to make sales, this eBook will help you do it!

Download the eBook here.

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Ledgeview Partners eBook

eBook: Driving Growth with Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an important and strategic tool that can create efficiencies in sales and marketing alignment efforts, among many other benefits.

In this eBook, Ledgeview Partners examines the key components of marketing automation and its value in providing organizations a way to guide customers through the buying journey.

You will discover expert insight and resources in this eBook that will help tie your marketing automation strategy together, and, in the end, set your sales and marketing teams up to achieve marketing automation success through alignment.

Download the eBook here.

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Ledgeview Partners eBook

eBook: Defining Your Process from Lead to Opportunity

When it comes to defining Leads and Opportunities in your organizations, misalignment between your Sales and Marketing teams disables you from moving forward!

Within this eBook, you will learn to define your Process from Lead to Opportunity to create alignment and enable success.

Alignment should always be consistent throughout your organization, whatever your service, product or industry.

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