Achieving sales and marketing alignment can lead to your success with driving growth with marketing automation. This infographic will walk you through the steps!

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Ledgeview Partners Infographic

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eBook: Pro Tips — Creating a Sales Process that will Drive Results

Do you find yourself asking questions like: How many stages are there in a typical Sales Process, and how many should my company have? AND What are the most common Sales Process mistakes, and how can I avoid them? You aren’t alone! Get the advanced knowledge you’ve been waiting for.

Take the Sales Process self-assessment at the end of this eBook to see how well you’ve picked up on the knowledge. Create, maintain, execute, and evolve your Sales Process with these expert tips in this eBook.

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4 ways to empower sales team with customer analytics

eBook: 4 Ways To Empower Your Sales Team With Customer Analytics

Today’s marketers are generating a tremendous amount of data points through the use of Marketing Automation Technology. While the volume of data being collected about the customer is grand, transferring relevant and actionable data from the marketing team to the sales team is a critical component of the process. Click To TweetThe merging of marketing automation and CRM creates an integrated environment that is perfectly poised to allow your sales teams to leverage customer analytics.

With an integrated environment, what type of data can your sales teams leverage? In this eBookwe take a look at four specific customer analytic resources.

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eBook: CRM is not just for salespeople

There was a time when Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, was the exclusive domain of the sales team. Salespeople were the liaison between the customer and the business.

Those days have come to an end—to meet customers’ expectations today requires input from across the company.

Today’s customer expects to have a deeper relationship with your small and medium business (SMB). They are more educated about your products when they engage and want to be empowered to find answers for themselves.

No matter the size of your business, you can leverage data and technology to make every customer experience with your business easier.

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