Get the tips you need to succeed with this infographic.


When it comes to maximizing your ROI with CRM, what are the true keys to success?

In this infographic, we cover all of the dos and don’ts from our experts. In case you have trouble zooming into the details, here’s a quick recap:


  1. Choose a Cloud-Based CRM: Improve CRM user adoption with automatic updates to your CRM system with each enhancement release! Embrace new features to excite users and drive efficiencies. This power also allows you to work from anywhere, anytime. Create a more attractive work culture by allowing for remote teamwork.
  2. Integrate Apps that provide value to your team: Take advantage of the business and social applications, marketing automation software, and other key tools that add value to your business.
  3. Ensure your CRM has mobile capabilities: Salespeople need to be able to take your CRM system on the road – integrate mobile back-office systems, social networking, and web conferencing! Today’s marketplace has gone outside of the office, extending and expanding on the traditional 9, to 5. Evolve your customers with the power of CRM. CRM will help your salespeople accommodate and adapt to modern demand!


  1. Neglect alignment: Sales and marketing teams need to be on the same page when it comes to being effective with CRM. Your CRM data and processes only work if your team works together and has a mutual understanding of your plan, processes, strategy, adoption and training tactics, and more.
  2. Generate reports without purpose: CRM analyses won’t do your team any good if they’re ignored and not taken seriously. Read, understand, and act on every report you generate with CRM. Ensure that each report you generate aligns with your business mission and daily processes.
  3. Ignore customer relationships: CRM will help you evolve and change with your customers over time. When you learn to utilize the power of CRM, you can build better, deeper, long-lasting relationships with your customers.

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