Jim Steele InsideSales.comPredictive analytics is one of the hottest trends occurring today in sales and marketing.  If you are attending our CRM Conference next month in Milwaukee you are in for a speaker that should not be missed.

Ledgeview Partners announced that Jim Steele, President of Worldwide Sales and Chief Customer Officer with InsideSales.com, the leading cloud-based sales acceleration technology company based on predictive analytics, will deliver the keynote address to kick off this one-day conference.

The customer experience and customer success. This is really what drives Jim Steele and fuels his passion.

Jim Steele came to InsideSales.com in January 2015 from Salesforce.com where he was Chief Customer Officer for 12 years and helped grow Salesforce from $25 million to more than $4 billion in revenue.

When Jim Steele left Salesforce.com for InsideSales.com, Dave Elkington, InsideSales.com Founder and CEO said “He is one of the most strategic and widely-admired sales executives in the technology industry today, and his experience will be invaluable, especially as we usher in the next phase of our company’s expansion into global enterprise markets.”

Jim leads InsideSales.com’s sales, customer service, implementation, account management and professional services organizations. He is helping the company expand its global footprint while establishing a culture of excellence in customer satisfaction and success.

InsideSales.com is a platinum sponsor of Ledgeview Partners’ CRM Conference that will be held October 22, 2015 at Miller Park in Milwaukee, WI focused around leading CRM solutions Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce. In March of 2015, Microsoft and Salesforce invested a combined $60 million into InsideSales.com.

Learn more about Ledgeview’s 2015 CRM Conference and sessions offered at www.ledgeviewpartners.com/crmconference.

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