Insights and Microsoft Dynamics 365: What Current Customers Need to Know

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Are you concerned about the current state of Insights, powered by InsideView, in your Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM environment, and/or where the Microsoft Dynamics platform is headed?

If you’ve found yourself concerned, answering yes, you’ve stumbled across the right post.

There are, indeed, many important updates current Insight users should be aware of.

If you didn’t join Ledgeview and InsideView’s own, Michelle Horn, during a recent webinar that covered the topic, before you dive into this blog post, you should know:

  • Microsoft recently announced that the Insights feature within Dynamics 365 will not be available to new customers after Jan. 16, 2019.
  • Current customers will only have access until August 15, 2019, at no charge.

After that time, users should prepare accordingly. This does not mean Insights is going away, it just means it no longer comes as a free resource with your out-of-the-box solution.

We share steps to prepare, and how you can start to respond to the upcoming change below.

Why Sales Intelligence is Important + the Benefits of Insights

First, let’s talk about why sales intelligence is important for your organization.

You may already be aware that Insights is a powerful sales intelligence feature, powered by InsideView, in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment that helps you have more meaningful business conversations with the decision-makers that matter most to your organization.

Even with some of the best tools, 92% of buyers ignore unsolicited calls or emails.

77% of buyers don’t think their sales rep adds value or understands their business, and only 7%, yes a whopping 7%, get a 2nd meeting …

So, how do you respond to people who are more inclined to leave you easily?

If you only have company and contact data, you are probably not going to get very far.

Data shows, in fact, that response rates are at a low 6-8% for those only using the aforementioned, whereas, those using Insights on top of data tend to generate a 24-32% response rate.

Then, when you add connections into the mix, response rates are even better at a proven 44-84% response rate.

If you haven’t breathed a sigh of relief yet as a salesperson, marketer, or CRM user, we encourage a moment of pause in recognition of the impressive aforementioned statistic, because Insights, powered by InsideView, helps with all of this!

Insights Powered by InsideView

Insights helps you do 5 major things:

  1. Update your CRM data
  2. Get news alerts
  3. Do account research via these channels:
    • News
    • Social
    • Family Tree
    • Industry Profile
    • Similar Accounts
    • Public Financials
  4. Find + Add Contacts
  5. Find Connections to Get Warm Introductions

(You can see these come to life when you watch the demo within the on-demand webinar.)

Ledgeview Partners Webinar

While the tool is moving from being a free resource that comes with out-of-the-box Dynamics solutions to one that users will need to pay for as an add-on, the benefits of using Insights remain clear.

Please keep in mind that the cost of the system is dependent upon the organization and its individual goals and needs.

Some of the benefits of using Insights include:

  • Insights is fully integrated into Dynamics.
  • The team at InsideView offers responsive service to its customers.
  • It has already been implemented and tested, with proven results.
  • There is a backend switch, unnoticeable to users.
  • Future access has been granted to view the full InsideView platform to users.
  • Solutions are tailored uniquely to your organization and its goals.
  • Data is better, compared to reviews from customers on third-party websites.
  • And much, much more! – Insights offers direct support, online training, quick start guides, YouTube quick-tip videos, and much more, to boot.

Insights Powered by InsideView

Preparing for Changes

Now that you’ve been reminded of the capabilities and benefits of InsideView, it’s important to keep the transition timeline in mind as you move forward with it …

As of January 16, 2019, as mentioned above, Insights is no longer included with Dynamics in the United States and Canada. Those who purchased Dynamics before this date, once again, will maintain FREE access only until the August 15, 2019 deadline.

March 31, 2019, is the last day to license Insights rights directly from InsideView and get early bird pricing before the August 2019 deadline.

InsideView is attempting to help everyone transition as soon as possible so customer success can be spread far and wide.

This will help people become onboarded with ease and comfort. (You can contact Ledgeview or Michelle at InsideView to assist with this.)

Then, free access will end for all Dynamics customers on August 15, 2019, at which time all must purchase Insights by InsideView directly from the company, without a discount.

Insights and MIcrosoft Dynamics: What Current Customers Need to Know

You can learn more about these changes and get answers to some FAQs when you watch the on-demand webinar.

Watch Webinar

Ledgeview and InsideView are here to help ensure a successful transition as these changes occur. So, once again, don’t hesitate to reach out with any help you may need, or questions you may have!

Your success is our success.

*A special thanks to Michelle Horn for the insights and information shared that have made this content possible.

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