Microsoft Dynamics 365's V9 Outlook App

Microsoft Dynamics 365’s V9 Outlook App

The Outlook App in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Version 9 is very similar in concept to the app in Version 8.2.

After announcing the Outlook Plugin would be removed in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM, Microsoft experienced an uproar from its users and decided not to deprecate the feature as a result.

So, don’t expect the Outlook Plugin to go away anytime soon, but do consider looking at the new Outlook App on a case-by-case basis.

What’s great about this app is that it’s not an all or nothing deal. You can have some of your team using it depending on their work environment or style.

For example, it can be especially beneficial for remote employees, and for those who are always using their phones or are traveling. It’s much friendlier than previous versions in terms of usability. Phew!

The biggest benefit with the Version 9 Outlook App is that you have the ability to track emails, whereas you did not in previous versions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365's V9 Outlook App

Microsoft Dynamics 365’s V9 Outlook App

When you navigate to this screen on your PC, you will see a handy-dandy Dynamics Icon in the upper right-hand corner of your email composition box to click on, located far left from your Reply-All option.

This icon is only for your organization’s internal use, and you have to press it every time you want to track an email.

It’s efficient and fast. Ledgeview consultants find it is much better than previous app versions for connecting to Dynamics 365/CRM.

Once you click it, it will automatically link to your Contact.

There, you will see a history of information pop up on the right-hand side of your screen.

When you’ve successfully tracked a message, you will get a green notification telling you, you’ve done it correctly.

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You will also be able to see the Account Name and Number using this functionality.

You will be able to click on the name, and it will bring up the summary information for that entity. It allows you to make modifications right in that box, then.

You can see timelines and whatever other items you may need to know about. This functionality brings up the Unified User Interface right there, within your Outlook.

You can easily track and edit records this way, which is a time-saver because it reduces the time you will have to switch back and forth between screens.

Overall, the new Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Outlook App is probably more beneficial if you’re using a PC, but you can at least track emails via your phone, which, again, you were not able to do before with the old app.

The app is definitely worth your consideration. Explore its abilities today and see how it can benefit your workflows.

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