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Reports are one of the most beloved and powerful parts of having a Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Solution implemented within your organization.

Data has never been as accessible and easily transferred to managers and employees with Reports.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM’s vast capabilities in mind, in this User-Group webinar, Ledgeview will walk you through Reports’ extensive capabilities so you can use their full potential.

What You’ll Learn …

  • How You Can Build Your Own Reports
  • Tables Showing Various Data Pulling Resources, and When to Use Each
  • Gotchas of Reports in CRM

There are many types of reports and other capabilities to pay attention to, and that’s an understatement in itself with Dynamics.

When it comes to reports, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a Report Wizard that can be used to generate reports in just a few easy steps without using additional tools.

With more complex reports, this is where Ledgeview especially comes in handy with customization. Whether you consider yourself novice with Dynamics or more Advanced, there is always something to learn as the system continues to grow and develop.

Within the webinar, Ledgeview will walk you through the basics of Reports, including how to create and change existing reports.

 Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM User Group
Training Topic: Reports
Date: Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Time: 11:00am -11:30am CDT

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