Spring 17 SFDCIf you’re using the Salesforce Lightning interface, you may have run into the Kanban view when looking at an Opportunity list view – this was one of the most demoed features Salesforce released as the Lightning interface was taking shape. This view allowed users to drag-and-drop records from one column to another, active changing status and summarized totals.

Back then, it was called the “Opportunity Board” since it was limited to solely the Opportunity object. Shortly thereafter, it was renamed to “Kanban” (pronounced kahn-bahn), which is derived from a Japanese method for managing work, but it was still limited to Opportunities.

Kanban 1

With the Spring ’17 release, Salesforce opened up the Kanban option to the list views of almost every object, including custom objects!

As part of this release, they also allow multiple Record Types in a single list view when using Kanban. So what does this mean for you? How about seeing your Leads in a Kanban view, organized by Stage?

Kanban 2

Or viewing Cases in a Kanban view, organized by Status?

Kanban 3

The Kanban view not only allows you to make lightning fast changes to a large number of records with a simple drag-and-drop interface, but also allows you to digest the information you store in Salesforce in a whole new way.

To start using this functionality today (no admin needed!), navigate to a list view under an object while in Lightning. Then, on the top right of the view, select the Display As dropdown and select Kanban.

Kanban 4

If this is the first time you’ve selected the Kanban display option, you will be presented with another screen asking how you would like the information to be grouped and summarized while being displayed. Select your options (Summarize By currently only accepts currency fields) and click on Save.

Kanban 5

Then take a moment to step back and look at your data in a whole new way! If you decide that you want to group your data by a different field, you can click on the Gear icon towards the top right of the view and select Kanban Settings to change it.

Kanban 6

To see the updates to Salesforce Kanban and other new updates with the Spring ’17 release, be sure to check out the On-Demand video below as our Salesforce certified experts explain the new updates and talk about the future of Salesforce updates!

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