9 Must Attend Sessions CRM Conf BorderCRM is all about building relationships and driving growth within your company. The 2017 CRM Conference, that is taking place on May 4th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Harley-Davidson Museum, has a focus on Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

After all, those are the two solutions that we (Ledgeview Partners) specialize in and have the greatest resource of certified experts (and we have a lot of them) that we can tap into to educate business leaders, so it makes sense.

We also know that there are hundreds of options on the market and many organizations are at different points in the growth of their business and looking for educational resources beyond CRM.

This is why we are also hosting a number of ‘agnostic’ sessions that are applicable to organizations that are evaluating CRM, Marketing Automation or may even have a solution in place already (that is not Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics).

Sessions that are geared to help you prepare, execute and utilize the right tools to grow your business.

Here I want to spotlight 9 of these sessions that we feel are ‘must attend’:

Planning for CRM Success

A successful CRM implementation, upgrade or project hinges on detailed preparation. In this session we will discuss key factors in successfully planning for CRM Success. How to assemble your project team, avoiding project failures and pitfalls, best practices for designing and deploying CRM, building a successful user adoption program and achieving ROI.

Got CRM? Why you Need Marketing Automation Too

CRM systems transform sales through organization; marketing automation completes the picture by generating and nurturing leads from marketing qualified to sales qualified leads.  In this session you will learn how these systems complement each other and why you need both.

Using Business Intelligence Tools to Extend CRM

CRM solutions like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics provide us with access to an unlimited amount of information. In this session, we will examine how organizations of all sizes can use BI to boost productivity, gain sales and market intelligence and insights into consumer behavior and most importantly turn the data you have into actionable information.

The Digital Transformation of the Customer Experience

Take CRM beyond your internal users to create rich and robust experiences for your customers. CRM can provide great information to the sales team related to purchasing history, cross sell and up sell possibilities, and marketing interactions for customers and prospects. But how easy is it for customers to really do business with you? The next step in CRM is extending the CRM data by creating a rich online customer experience.

What’s Possible: I Didn’t Know You Could Do That!

When it comes to CRM solutions like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, you may find yourself asking “I wonder if it can do this” – We get those questions all the time and for many organizations have been those dreams into reality. In this session, we will share with you a wide variety of ‘cool things’ that you may not even realize CRM could be used for. Get ready to have your mind blown!

Aligning Sales and Marketing through Technology

Alignment between Sales, Marketing and other departments is potentially the largest opportunity for improving business performance and spurring revenue growth. In this engaging session, you will learn how to use technology solutions like Marketing Automation and CRM together to align your sales and marketing to drive business growth.

Gaining User Adoption

Whether you are implementing a new CRM, or hoping to jump start stale users, this interactive CRM session will cover a wide range of questions, ideas and stories to help you increase the user adoption of CRM (or any solution) at your organization.

Understanding How the “Internet of Things” can Drive Business Growth

The Internet of Things is posed to revolutionize business today by creating a new channel of communication between companies and their customers. What does that mean for your business? In this session we will spotlight how you can take advantage of information, provided in real-time to your CRM, to understand and serve your customers in a whole new way, with levels of detail that you never thought possible.

The Growing Power of Inside Sales

In many organizations, Inside Sales is a secondary thought – but should be a primary revenue driver. In this interactive session, you will learn how to unleash the power of an inside sales program to grow your business with a focus on account management and lead generation strategies and tactics.


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