Kellerstrass Oil, a leading petroleum marketer based in Utah, chose Ledgeview Partners’ CRM for Oil & Gas, powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, to help visualize their pipeline in real time, increase their closing ratio on opportunities, and coach their newly formed sales team on how to strengthen their relationships with customers.

The Situation

Kellerstrass Oil was founded in 1948 by three brothers. Originally called “Kellerstrass Brothers,” the company opened its doors in Ogden, Utah, not far from Promontory Point where the Union and Central Pacific Railroads joined their rails with that famous golden spike. In fact, the railroads contributed to the growth of the region, providing a great environment for the new company to grow and thrive.

Throughout its 67-year history, Kellerstrass Oil has been involved in virtually every part of the oil and gas business – from owning and operating retail gas stations, to selling quality refined products, lubricants, antifreeze and solvents to wholesale customers in a variety of industries. Today, the company remains family owned and serves customers in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, and Colorado.

About four years ago, Kellerstrass Oil began working with Chevron and, therefore, was challenged to go through Chevron’s “Project Transform” to better sell their products. One of the requirements for passing Project Transform is to have a CRM solution in place, because that’s really the only way participating distributors can provide the detailed reporting that Chevron requires. Rick Reese, Kellerstrass Oil’s Senior Vice President, started looking into finding the right solution for them that would also satisfy Chevron’s challenging requirements.

The Solution

Reese considered several options. He looked at an offering from Salesforce at one point. But as Kellerstrass Oil began working through the Project Transform process, Chevron made them aware of an offering that was powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This particular offering was being customized by one of Chevron’s partners, Ledgeview Partners. Reese thought it looked interesting, so he invited Ledgeview Partners to present the system to Kellerstrass Oil.

The Ledgeview team traveled to Utah to demonstrate what was, in effect, the earliest version of what would become Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil & Gas product. The presentation hit home with Reese and his team. As Kellerstrass Oil continued to work through the Project Transform process, they had come to realize they needed a more sophisticated approach to managing opportunities. Reese described it this way, “We found that we were lacking in pipeline management, actually tracking overall. It was difficult to track customer touches and opportunities, which made it difficult to determine our share of wallet with our customers.

Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil & Gas provided a means for addressing all of those concerns. In fact, one of its main features was the ability to connect with a variety of other financial and ERP systems in order to provide a single place for all customer data, giving companies the ability to get a comprehensive view of their customer interactions, both at a summary and/or detail level. This is exactly what Kellerstrass Oil needed, and the timing was perfect. They had just decided to build their own sales force, and Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil & Gas would provide the backbone for how they would coach and manage that team.

Ledgeview and Kellerstrass worked closely to get the implementation just right. In the 4 years since, the two companies have continued to work together as the CRM for Oil & Gas product continues to evolve through the addition of new features and enhancements. Reese adds, “We’ve really grown together. And as Chevron requires additional reporting or other information, Ledgeview updates the product to include the reports we need to consistently coach our team to achieve our goals.

The Benefits

Kellerstrass Oil has seen some pretty dramatic benefits from implementing CRM over the last four years. Chane Kellerstrass, Kellerstrass Oil’s Director of Business Development said, “We’ve been much more effective in hitting our goals since implementing CRM. We set volume and profit goals by customer, and we review those every week. That real time access to detailed data, combined with targeted coaching, has made us much more successful.

How successful? Kellerstrass puts it in perspective, “The closing ratio in our industry is, on average, a little under 20%. Since implementing Ledgeview’s CRM, we’re tracking double that. In fact, we’re close to 50%.

Seriously impressive. But wait! It gets even better. Kellerstrass adds, “CRM’s helped our company as a whole, contributing to sustained year over year growth of about 8 to 10% each year.

Those business metrics are hard to argue with. In terms of the ongoing development and support that Kellerstrass Oil gets from Ledgeview Partners, Reese offered, “The customer service we get from them is phenomenal. They respond quickly, and they do things right.” Reese adds, “Ledgeview does a great job of letting you know when new features or enhancements are coming out. They provide webinars that walk you through everything ahead of time. I’m really excited about some of the dashboard enhancements that are coming with the next release!

When asked if they’d recommend Ledgeview Partners and their CRM for Oil & Gas product, Reese said, “If they ever want anyone to give us a call, we’d be willing to talk to them and discuss what we’ve done. We’re happy to do it, and we wouldn’t offer that if we weren’t happy with the product.

Well, there you have it. I guess feel free to give Rick a call if you have any questions. Oh, you can call us too to learn more or arrange a demo. We’d be happy to do that, too.

About Kellerstrass Oil

Kellerstrass Oil was founded in 1948 and began serving customers in Ogden, Utah.  For more than 65 years, Kellerstrass has grown as a leading petroleum marketer in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, and Nevada.  Today, Kellerstrass is still committed to providing excellent customer service and quality refined products to meet our customer’s petroleum and lubricant needs.

Kellerstrass Oil is also a premier 1st Source Marketer for Chevron lubricants.  In addition, we supply a diversified line of products including fuel, lubricants, anti-freeze, and solvents to the agriculture, construction, oil and gas, mining, industrial plant, manufacturing, heavy duty fleet and quick lube industries. Visit their website for more info at

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