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Last, but certainly not least, there were A LOT of great technologies showcased, and much to take away from them, from the 2018 CRMUG #UserGroupSummit.

Within this post, we uncover two main ones that Dynamic Communities should know about before moving into 2019.

If you haven’t already read about our other key takeaways, we suggest covering them first, before you dive into this post …

Then, when you’re ready, let’s dive into the important tech talk that was covered throughout the summit in Phoenix, AZ earlier this October …

1. SimpleChat
SimpleChat is a native omnichannel solution that is supported by Act-On Marketing Automation Technology.

The company that created SimpleChat is based out of Israel, called the Elad Group, and they are a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner.

Core features of the new technology include:

  • Customer authentication is done automatically with CRM Data
  • Conversations are automatically documented
  • Customer timeline histories are easily accessible
  • Chatbot is included
  • Chat Router is included
  • Multiple Conversations can happen at once
  • Social Media Monitoring is included
  • Instant Messaging (IM) to Facebook Messenger or Twitter is included
  • Outbound Chats are possible
  • Easy transfers of tiles to CRM are possible
  • A pool of present responses, conversation scripts, and templates that are ready for sending are all available

Here are some screenshots of what it looks like when you’re using it:

CRMUG CRM Summit Takeaways

Ledgeview CRMUGLedgeview CRMUG

2. Maplytics
Maplytics is a mapping tool developed by Inogic Technology. The company is based out of India and offers additional products outside of its mapping program.

Ledgeview CRMUGKey features of this new technology include:

  • Easy integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions
  • Mobile usage is available
  • Results on the map are based on CRM Security Roles
  • Users have the ability to map up to three entities on the map at one time
  • Users have the ability to “union” data on the map to report on information in a set area
  • Location-aware appointment scheduling and route planning are available to users
  • Territory management and re-alignment is made easier
  • Can use CRM data based on mapping for Marketing Automation Campaigns
  • Geo-Analytics Dashboards are available to users
  • Heat maps are available to users

We hope to see you at next year’s #UserGroupSummit in Orlando, FL! We’re positive it will be another great event for the Dynamics Community.

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