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If your current primary business objective as a sales manager is to accelerate lead generation with inside sales, there are important key performance indicators and metrics for success you should pay attention to.

As a rep, there’s a lot at stake when you’re running campaigns and making calls. That’s why measuring success is so important. It helps us to understand what’s essential to our processes so we can optimize, refine, and enhance to the best of our abilities.

Key performance indicators and metrics for success you should consider measuring include:

1. Decision-makers have been contacted

If you’re not getting a hold of decision=makers, you’ll want to reconsider who you’re reaching out to. Be sure to measure the number of decision-makers you’re getting a hold of.

2. The quantity of sales-qualified leads

Compare this number to the number of leads a campaign generated to determine your success.

3. Quality of sales-qualified leads

This closely follows number two. Success will be measured, for this instance, based on the number of leads that aren’t rejected by your inside sales team that come from marketing.

This helps both departments measure their effectiveness with the nurturing process.

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4. SQL (sales-qualified lead) to Opportunity

This metric should be straightforward and simple to wrap your head around – you always want to be measuring the number of leads that have converted to opportunities to help you identify what you’re doing right as an inside sales team!

5. Cost-per-lead (CPL)

You want to be comparing the campaign costs next to the number of leads you’ve generated as a team.

This will help you to determine your ROI (return on investment) and to see if you’re really on the right track to success.

6. CRM Activity Tracking

To measure your success in CRM, you’ll want to track all of your activities and create reports around the key metrics mentioned throughout this post to analyze your processes and improve upon them.

Manage all of your follow-up activities to prevent future opportunities from being missed. Take advantage of CRM (customer relationship management) as a prime time management tool!

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