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When you’re mapping out your sales process, to make it consistent, there are key questions, actions, and considerations you should inquire about during each preparation stage.

From Relationship to Sales to KPIs to Reinforcement, you will want to define your measurements by answering the questions that matter to your organization, team, and customers most!

Never forget or underestimate the importance of the customer journey when it comes to mapping out your sales process. It is inherent that you overlay and reflect it with your process.

Map your processes, distribute them to your team, and, if your team needs it and it is relevant to their needs, create your own checklists and evaluation forms.

You may benefit from some templates we have available to you via our Sales Consulting Services page. Scroll to the bottom of the Web page to get your free copies!

While the examples we share are good starting points, how yours looks and what makes it consistent for you will be different than other organizations because no two organization’s goals are exactly similar.

Every organization is different!

All this in mind, here are some key questions, actions, and considerations you should keep at the top of your mind during each stage of sales process preparation …


  1. What is the purpose of this call?
  2. What can I follow up on from the last call?
  3. Is there a promotional or cross-selling opportunity?


  1. What are the cross-selling opportunities?
  2. When was the last order received? Opportunity or Thank You?
  3. Sales vs. Goals and PYTD (Prior-Year-to-Date)


  1. Is the customer meeting Sales Revenue Goals? GP (Gross Profit) Goals?
  2. Is the customer meeting Sales Unit Goals?
  3. Is our process increasing CSAT? (Customer Satisfaction)


  1. Recap all activities
  2. Schedule follow-up
  3. Confirm acceptance through customer buy-in

To ensure a smooth sales process is created, developed, and executed, sales team members should align with marketing to perform lead/account nurturing, lead scoring, account ranking, send follow-up reminders, and create dashboards in your organization’s marketing automation system.

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