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Once you’ve gone through the motions of creating your sales process’ framework and developed steps to create an effective sales process, it’s time to think about how to create consistency throughout it.

Now it’s time to consider what tools will help you create sales process consistency.

When it comes to the implementation of your sales process, there are a variety of tools that can aid you and your team, whether you use video programming to get the message across, a Microsoft Word Document, a PowerPoint presentation, whiteboard, or something else.

To help introduce your organization’s sales process to the team, or to reintroduce it, you will want to develop visuals of your sales process.

Studies have shown that people are much more likely to respond to video rather than a text-only document.

Map your sales process flows, and identify roles and responsibilities various team members will have within the visuals you create.

After you’ve done this, it will be time to distribute and review these visuals among your team.

Do this in a group setting so that any questions can be cleared up all at once.

It’s likely when questions come up, more than one person will have the same question about your sales process flows and expectations.

As a sales manager or leader, you will want to clearly articulate to them, the individual roles they will play throughout the execution of your process.

Finally, you will want to build these flows into your CRM system. Your sales process should always be reflected in it.

After completing these steps, it’s time to create a sales process checklist or resource guide they can refer to.

This will help to create accountability and guide them through the process with ease and confidence as they break into it.

For each sales process stage, it’s important that you clearly define the tasks and actions that need to be completed as a training guide.

Identify relevant resources and tools available for them to use, like a pre-call checklist, opportunity qualifiers, or case studies.

You can find examples of resources that may be useful to you, to at least use as templates here.

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