Key Terms and Considerations to Start Your Lead Generation Strategy

Before you can accelerate lead generation with inside sales, there are key terms and considerations you should be aware of to excel.

First, let’s talk Lead Generation! If you’ve navigated to this post, it’s likely you’ve heard the term before. What does it mean, exactly?

Lead Generation is commonly defined as “the marketing process of soliciting or attracting inquiries from potential customers through information collecting.”

Not so fast, though! What about a Lead? What does that mean for your company?

A Lead is commonly defined as “a person or company who has indicated interest in  your company’s product or service.”

So, when we talk about these things, we must consider the roles a salesperson and marketer play to accelerate a program’s functionality.

If you think of a marketer, they are pushing marketing content out there to get people interested in your product or service. That’s how lead generation relates to them.

Inside sales reps have different, reactive functionality that we elaborate on in our new eBook, “How to Accelerate Lead Generation with Inside Sales.” (Link below)

Last, Lead Qualification is often defined as “the process by which the sales team will make the initial evaluation to determine whether or not you are likely to close the sale.”

This refers to when a lead generation specialist or inside sales reps make their initial evaluation to determine whether or not they’re likely to close the sale, helping to move leads through the sales funnel with more effectiveness.

To make the process highly effective, inside sales managers must ensure they’re hiring the right people for the job.

Qualities to look for in an ideal candidate include:

  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • The ability to employ multiple strategies to generate and qualify leads
  • Old dogs with new tricks: AKA the desire to learn new techniques and strategies
  • Clever
  • Unorthodox: meaning they have the ability to think outside-the-box
  • Great listeners

We elaborate on the importance of these attributes in our new eBook, “How to Accelerate Lead Generation with Inside Sales.” 

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