Krause Financial Services, a leading provider of specialized insurance products for elder law attorneys, teamed up with Ledgeview Partners to create a single, streamlined Salesforce system that gives Krause a 360-degree view of their business, and the platform to develop deeper and more valuable relationships with new and exciting customers.

The Situation

Krause Financial Services has been providing elder law attorneys across the nation with specialized insurance products for over twenty-five years. In other words, they specialize in helping families care for their loved ones while protecting their assets. And they’re really good at it.

In fact, Krause Financial Services is the number one producer of Medicaid Compliant Annuities in the nation, providing one-on-one guidance to ensure proper planning that puts a family’s interests first.

As the company grew, it became more and more important for them to be able to easily and quickly access a more complete picture of their customers. That was crucial to providing the exceptional customer support that Krause Financial Services is known for. As with many companies, Krause Financial Services had data in several spots.

They had two separate proprietary systems that they relied on to run their business. Their proprietary systems didn’t talk to each other, and they were difficult to update. They also had information stored in a series of Excel spreadsheets. It became clear to Tom Krause, Vice President of Operations, that it was time to look for a better solution. One that would give Krause Financial Services a streamlined system that consolidated all of their customer data, and was flexible enough to grow and expand over time.

The Solution

Krause focused on Salesforce pretty quickly, understanding that the system had the flexibility and integrations they needed to grow and expand over time. He knew, however, that in order to make the system really fit their business, they’d need to customize it. They wanted to work with someone local who they could trust to bring deep Salesforce expertise to the table. Someone who would take the time to learn the intricacies of their business in order to guide them successfully from their existing systems to their new one.

Krause started looking for a local partner and came across Ledgeview Partners while searching on Google..

“We had cooled on the project until Salesforce mentioned partners,” explains Krause. “We found Ledgeview Partners and reached out to them. We loved their consultative approach and focus on customization.” Ledgeview and Krause got to work shortly thereafter, customizing Salesforce to fit Krause Financial Services’ business like a glove.

Ledgeview helped Krause realize some specific goals:

  • Consolidating all customer data into a single database, reducing errors and eliminating duplication
  • Providing a comprehensive view of all activity related to a specific customer
  • Efficient tracking of open and closed cases
  • More distinction between customers and prospects, and the opportunities that prospects represent
  • Automated reporting, making data more accessible and saving time through automation
  • A flexible and expandable system that can grow with the company

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The Benefits

Since implementing Salesforce with Ledgeview Partners’ help, Krause Financial Services has seen the benefits of having its customer data consolidated in one place.

They’ve been able to address questions about clients and open cases much more quickly and with greater accuracy. They can draw on much more detail to provide better customer support – notes about conversations, customer history, etc.

The result is better service and better customer relationships.

Krause explains the value of working with Ledgeview Partners: “I think this would’ve failed if we had gone with an “out of the box” solution. We needed someone to help us tailor the system to our needs. If you don’t tailor things, the value is so much less. The tailoring is what makes the solution truly useable. Otherwise, it would be overwhelming and you’d miss out on so much opportunity. We came to trust that Ledgeview understood what we needed, and how to best implement it. They did everything they promised they would do, on time and on budget.”

Krause Financial Services is just getting warmed up!

They have plans to expand their Salesforce system to capitalize on its marketing capabilities, and many other features like more detailed reporting and more focused customized dashboards. And they plan to continue to use Ledgeview Partners as they build out their system.

Krause explains why: “Ledgeview provides solutions, and they’ll tailor them to your business. They’re a true partner that creates something useful that spurs adoption. Our employees feel like it’s their system, not a system. That’s because Ledgeview was able to adapt it to our needs. We’re excited with where we are, and we’re excited about where we’re going to be able to go next.”

About the Company

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Krause Financial Services, an industry leader in Medicaid Complaint Annuities, has been working over 25 years providing elder law attorneys across the nation with specialized insurance products, enabling their clients to accelerate Medicaid and Veterans Benefits eligibility. As one of the exclusive providers of short-term Medicaid Compliant Annuities (2−36 months), and offering niche products that are not available to most financial advisors or brokers, Krause Financial Services holds the distinction as number one producer of Medicaid Compliant Annuities in the nation. In addition to these unique insurance products, they also offer one-on-one guidance to ensure planning is done both properly and with the clients’ interests placed first and foremost.

This, along with a commitment to education and personalized service, is what allows Krause Financial Services to maintain a leadership position within the industry. Learn more at

“We found Ledgeview Partners and reached out to them. We loved their consultative approach and focus on customization.”

Tom Krause, Vice President of Operations, Krause Financial Services

“Ledgeview made things easy, and they were great to work with. We could talk through the process without getting too technical, instead of focusing on what we needed the system to accomplish. Their deep understanding of our business made a big difference in the process.”

Tom Krause, Vice President of Operations, Krause Financial Services

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