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Image Courtesy of Salesforce, From Left to Right: Suzanne DiBianca (Co-Founder of and EVP of Corporate Relations and Chief Impact Officer of, Lauren Zolp (Salesforce Business Analyst at Ledgeview Partners), George Franz (Managing Director, Defense Cybersecurity Lead of Accenture Federal [Former U.S. Army Major General]), and Chuck Sevola (VP, Head of Veterans Initiatives at Prudential) (May 2019)

This May, Lauren Zolp, Salesforce Business Analyst at Ledgeview Partners, sat on a Vetforce panel at The Dirty Habit in Washington D.C. with Suzanne DiBianca, Co-Founder of and EVP of Corporate Relations and Chief Impact Officer of, to comment on the company’s new Vetforce Alliance Program.

The exciting event even elicited the attention of Former Secretary of State, and 4-star General, Colin Powell (*Pictured above, far right in the audience).

Zolp has stressed the impact that Vetforce has had on her own life with many news outlets in the recent past. She echoed her sentiment when Salesforce announced their new programming, and throughout her commentary during the panel discussion.

“I was medically discharged from the military and struggled to make the transition to civilian life and a corporate job,” Zolp told Salesforce.

“After being unemployed for three years, I heard about Salesforce’s Vetforce program–and just four weeks after joining Trailhead, I landed a job as the sole Salesforce Administrator at a startup and have never looked back.” (Salesforce, 2019)

Zolp furthered her career when she moved on from the startup to become a Salesforce Business Analyst in September 2018 with Ledgeview Partners.

The passion and knowledge Zolp brings to her role is evident to her team members and customers at Ledgeview Partners.

Reflecting on Zolp’s work, a Ledgeview Partners customer had this to say:

“Coming from a place that uses a completely different CRM, I was unsure how the transition would go,” said ABC Non-profit.

(*Customer name has been changed to respect their privacy.)

“Lauren was absolutely fantastic and I have said many times throughout this process that I am so glad our organization matched with her! She understood our needs and customized Salesforce however she could so that it would be user-friendly. Lauren made the process easy to understand, and I could tell she cares about our cause.”

The customer service and Salesforce system analyzations and customizations Zolp provides wouldn’t have been possible without Vetforce and Trailhead.

Salesforce Business Analyst at Ledgeview Partners

Lauren Zolp, Salesforce Business Analyst at Ledgeview Partners

Vetforce was established to “give military service members and their spouses access to a community of fellow learners and self-paced technical training with Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform.” (DiBianca, 2019)

The new alliance program expands upon these original values to reflect the technological evolution that industry experts note has brought us into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Salesforce’s new Vetforce Alliance program aims “to create a larger movement to hire more veterans and military spouses in Salesforce ecosystem jobs.” (DiBianca, 2019)

The United States Department of Labor reports that in March 2019, the veteran unemployment rate was 2.3 percent, down from 3.7 percent in April 2018. The percentage is tied for the lowest monthly rate for veterans for any month in this data series, according to the department. (DOL, 2019)

Salesforce wants to help close the gap by accelerating opportunities for veterans through their new Vetforce Alliance Program.

“The new Vetforce Alliance Program allows veterans to bypass the often difficult hurdle to employment by guaranteeing them job interviews,” Zolp affirms.

“Many times, veterans and military spouses are automatically disqualified from first-round interviews because of the lack of a year allotment of on-the-job experience. Companies who are partnering with Vetforce in the new alliance program realize that the unique skills veterans bring to business make them lucrative employees, and it’s a win-win situation for both the business and veterans and military spouses.”

The plan for acceleration follows this outline:

1. Expand the Pathfinder Training Program Globally

Pathfinder is a training program created by Salesforce and Deloitte, a multinational professional services network, to address the growing skills gap in technology fields.

By expanding this program, Salesforce will double its commitment to training 500 people by 2020; Pathfinder programming will now support the training of an additional 500 people over the next three years, equalling 1,000 in total.

Suzanne DiBianca, Trailhead Salesforce Ledgeview

Image Courtesy of Salesforce, Suzanne DiBianca keynotes on New Vetforce Alliance Program at Salesforce World Tour in Washington D.C. (May 2019)

2. Partnerships Will Help Accelerate the Hiring of the Veteran Community

Vetforce Alliance is happening in partnership between Salesforce and Accenture Federal Services and Prudential, a financial services leader, to “prioritize and accelerate interviewing and hiring of the military across the country.” (DiBianca, 2019)

Accenture Federal Services and Prudential remain committed to conducting job interviews for all military participants who complete the alliance program.

The partnerships complement Salesforce’s existing efforts with Trailhead, Futureforce, Vetforce,, and Pathfinder Training Program.

The possibilities Salesforce brings and dedication it commits to ensuring veterans are hired after they complete their service both excite and reassure the community.

Considering the future of Vetforce, Zolp says, “The program just keeps getting better and better. Every time I interact with Vetforce I think, ‘This program cannot possibly get any better.’ And then, a few months later, it does!”

International Data Corporation estimates that Salesforce and its partners and customers will generate 3.3 million new jobs globally by 2022 with initiatives like this underway, empowering career and financial fulfillment to diverse people of varying backgrounds across the world. (Gantz, 2017)

Read the full report and learn more about Vetforce Alliance Program here.

Ledgeview Partners is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner.


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