Lead Nurturing Step 4: Develop Your Lead Scoring Model

With your target buyer in mind, in step four of your lead nurturing guide to success, it’s now it’s time to decide how you are going to differentiate them from others in your database within your lead nurturing program. That is where lead scoring comes into play.

Starting at the top, for anyone who is unfamiliar, lead scoring is a valuable shared sales and marketing methodology for ranking leads and prospects to determine sales-readiness.

As you look at your database of leads and prospects, you can create lead scoring models across two main types: explicit and implicit.

Many companies jump into implicit scoring and leapfrog right over explicit, but this is a mistake…

If you look at your lead list, how many of your leads fit your defined target buyer persona(s)?

The exercise in chapter four of Your 12-Step Guide to Lead Nurturing Success can help you with explicit lead scoring. You can score a lead or prospect based on who they are.

That VP of Sales buyer you want to target will get a much higher score than a Sales Manager or Sales Rep. Are they in the territory? Does the company size match your target? The list goes on!

From an implicit model, you want to determine how they are engaging with you. This is usually a more fun model for marketers. Are they visiting your website? Clicking on emails? Downloading eBooks? Watching webinars or demos?

Lead Nurturing Step 4: Develop Your Lead Scoring Model

All lead information should be stored in your CRM. By completing your buyer profiles, you know who you want to target so as leads and prospects enter your CRM and marketing automation lists, you can determine how interested you are in them.

You can also determine if they’re worth keeping on your list at all. Carefully consider all the details that are important to you and how you want to score, and ultimately, segment these leads.

Lead Nurturing Step 4: Develop Your Lead Scoring Model

Implicit lead scoring shows you how engaged the lead or prospect is with you, your marketing, and your content. This is where your marketing automation system really comes in handy with all the amazing information that it can provide you.

In the table below, you see just a dozen options of what your lead scoring may look like in your marketing automation system. Fewer points are given for minimal action, whereas greater points are focused on engagement like completing a form, attending a webinar, navigating a stand-alone landing page, and more.

As a marketer, it’s exciting to see your content being absorbed by your leads, but just like the explicit lead scoring model, feel free to use some negative scoring models for those that may be looking to work for your company and not with it.

Lead Nurturing Step 4: Develop Your Lead Scoring Model

Once you’ve mastered this step, you can go on to step five and start segmenting your leads. (We’ll cover this in the next post in this series!) So, stay tuned, and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog.

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