AB Test Your Emails

A/B testing goes way beyond just testing email subject lines!

Think about everything you can test, like your “from” address.

Will your target buyer be more receptive to receiving mail from your company or from a person? Test your body content, including open lines, the use of different graphics, and calls-to-action (CTAs). The day and time you send your emails may also play a part.

However, many marketing automation solutions now, and even CRM solutions, are using predictive analytics to send emails at the optimal time your recipients may have the best chance to engage with them.

But it goes beyond email because your emails only do so much!

It is rare these days that someone will immediately pick up the phone based on an email send. Many times, they are sent to a landing page, typically with a gated form to gain access to some of your awesome content.

Like email, A/B test your landing page copy, your headlines, your graphics, and your calls-to-action (CTAs).

For your forms, utilize your marketing automation technology to pre-fill forms, making it easier to complete your forms, or better yet, utilize progressive profiling to keep your questions to a minimum, and only ask information you have not collected yet.

Depending on your audience, one method may work better than the other. Trust the results, even if it crushes your spirits a little bit because that email or landing page you thought would be a winner didn’t make the cut.

The moral of the story is don’t undervalue the importance of email subject lines and how they have the power to attract your target buyers.

A/B Test Your Email Subject Lines

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