Elevance Case StudyIt’s not everyday that we get to share a CRM success story about a company that provides Nobel-prize winning and patent-protected technology.

Our latest manufacturing industry case study features Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc who put the future success of their sales team into the hands of Ledgeview Partners and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Sales had always been a priority at Elevance, but because so many of its resources were focused on product development, there wasn’t a defined sales process in place, nor were there any technological resources in place to support one. So when the company accelerated the commercialization of some of its core products they realized there was a need for a CRM solution to help pull together prospect information, track partnership opportunities, as well as compile and track trend information.

Since deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM at Elevance, user adoption has remained high. In fact, new employees are surprised that they have CRM to begin with, and are even more surprised when they learn how advanced the implementation and use is. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM system has allowed Elevance to consolidate information about customer and partner opportunities, and consistently (and quickly) act on those opportunities and track measurable results.

For the IT team at Elevance, there’s a ton of satisfaction in being able to measure their department’s contribution to the company’s overall objectives. As Kurt Conway, IT Operations Manager at Elevance puts it, “The best thing about CRM is the impact I know it’s having on our organization.”

Elevance CRM Testimonial

A successful CRM Implementation becomes a song

When was the last time that a CRM implementation caused someone to break into song? This might be the very first time in history.

Check out the full case study (don’t worry, it’s a quick read) and at the end, enjoy a special lyrical version of Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69” created by Elevance’s own Kurt Conway, who was inspired by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation provided by Ledgeview Partners.

I mean, it’s not everyday that something you work on is commemorated in song. To have tales of your exploits set to the melody of one of Bryan Adam’s greatest hits is pretty amazing.

…And it’s pretty awesome. Pretty sure this one is going in our Karaoke rotation!

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