Do your salespeople often make excuses about not using CRM or saying that it isn’t working? Do they often complain that it’s not user-friendly or it takes too much time to enter data into the system?

If you find yourself nodding to any of these, it’s likely because your CRM isn’t tied to what makes salespeoples’ lives easier, helping them to be more effective and proactive.

In this webinar, Ashley Steiner, a Business Analyst at Ledgeview Partners, will help you see CRM through the eyes of a salesperson so you can enable them to soar with the technology.

This webinar was originally delivered as a live presentation at this year’s User Group Summit, by Dynamic Communities in Orlando, FL, by Steiner, a notable Dynamic Communities All-Star.

During this session, Steiner will bring everything back to show you how you can customize Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM to match your sales process and engage your salespeople to use CRM and make them more efficient. Essentially, Steiner will show you how Dynamics 365/CRM was intended to be used, and should be!

Learning objectives for this webinar include:

  • Help/enable salespeople to care for or sell to customers
  • How to customize Dynamics 365/CRM to match your sales process
  • Engage your salespeople to use CRM (User Adoption)

This complimentary session will occur on Wednesday, November 13, 2019, at 11:00 a.m. CT. Regardless of your schedule, be sure to sign up so that you have no trouble receiving the link on-demand after it’s complete!

So long as your name is on the list, you’ll be sure to get the content delivered right to your inbox.

We are excited to help you see what’s possible with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM customizations to empower your sales team.

Register for the webinar here.

With any questions you may have in the meantime, reach out to our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Professionals who are eager to help you succeed. Learn more about Ledgeview’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 services here. Get more relevant Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM tips here.

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