Salesforce TrailheadIn the last unit of the Salesforce Trailhead module, “Email Marketing Strategies,” we learn how to engage our email subscribers.

Once we acquire and grow our lists, we must continue to nurture and engage them throughout their lifetimes.

In this unit, we learn…

  • “Best practices for engaging with subscribers”
  • and “How to maintain a good relationship with subscribers”

Email marketers must work hard to keep customers happy! Without our customers, where would we be, after all?

The first thing you should know about keeping customers happy, according to Salesforce Trailhead, is to not force it.

Opt-in strategies are wonderful, but no one likes to feel pressured or forced to do so. To prevent this feeling among subscribers or potential subscribers, communicate a clear reason or benefit they get from subscribing. Make the process simple, short, and sweet!

As mentioned in previous blog posts on, incentivizing the opt-in process makes it a lot more attractive to subscribers.

Incentives may include:

  • Member specials
  • Sales
  • 10% off for opting in
  • BOGO deals
  • 50% savings on certain products or services
  • Etc.

Smiling attractive young businessman using laptop working in officeNext, you want to be sure to make a good first impression. Salesforce says “the way you onboard new subscribers is key.”

Salesforce encourages you to make your subscribers feel “warm, fuzzy, and welcome.” Salesforce recommends that you send them to an enthusiastic thank-you page after they opt-in. Then, immediately follow with a welcome email.

A welcome series, Salesforce advises, will consist of greetings and follow-ups over time. Salesforce says welcome programs create the highest open and click rates compared to any other email marketing campaigns.

To ensure you engage with your subscribers in the best way throughout welcome campaigns and beyond, Salesforce says planning content carefully is key. 

We can’t help but agree!

Content should be distributed in email campaigns in a logical, strategic manner that is personalized to the individual. This may be a segmented list or from account-to-account.

Meet customer expectations by maintaining a frequency on a cadence of your marketing team’s decision, whether weekly, daily, or monthly.

Content hierarchy should also be a top consideration among your email marketing team. Place the content with the highest importance near the top of an email so your subscribers see it first and increase your CTR potential.

Last, but certainly not least, ensure all of your emails are personalized.

Salesforce advises email marketers to use personalization strings and dynamic content to ensure you’re meeting customer personalization expectations.

When you use personalization tactics in your email marketing strategy, you stand to keep your subscribers more engaged, because they will feel you’re speaking to them on a more intimate and relatable level…

Are you ready to learn about what it takes to have an effective email marketing strategy?

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