Bowling Strike Showing Winning Skittles GameWhat has become an annual holiday tradition at Ledgeview Partners, employees’ trade in their phones, laptops & tablets for bowling balls, rental shoes and themed wardrobe – all in the name of charity.

Held in conjunction with Ledgeview’s annual holiday extravaganza, this year’s “bowling for charity” event sported nine teams (a record) that represented four different charities. Upon formation of teams each year, the first order of business is their costume or ‘theme’ followed up by the charity or cause they wish to represent.

With dollars allocated to number of pins dropped and strikes achieved, the teams took to the lanes in Appleton, Wisconsin to put their amateur bowling talents to use.

During the games, Vice-President and Co-Owner Doug Fissell can be heard challenging bowlers with additional donations if they can hit a hard split, pick up a spare, get that turkey or hit a strike on one specific throw (like standing backwards and tossing the ball between their legs).  The energy in the alley is truly electric as bowlers know that with each spin of the ball it can mean more money to these very worthy causes.

With the growth of Ledgeview Partners in 2014, team members were able to raise $3,630 for charity (another all-time record).

This year donations will be made to Homeless Connections, Bryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation, Ashley Anderson Scholarship Fund and the Appleton COTS program.

The Bowling for Charity tradition was born in 2010. Over the last 5 years this annual event has raised more than $11,000 for 12 charities that are near and dear to the hearts of Ledgeview employees.

Introducing the 2014 Ledgeview “Bowling for Charity” Teams:

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