‘Empowering the Sales Team with Marketing Analytics’ - Act-On Software Podcast Episode, Featuring Jodie Gilroy of Ledgeview Partners

‘Empowering the Sales Team with Marketing Analytics’ – Act-On Software Podcast Episode, Featuring Jodie Gilroy of Ledgeview Partners

Recently, Ledgeview Partners Senior Business Analyst, Jodie Gilroy, sat down with Act-On to talk Ledgeview’s latest eBook, “4 Ways to Empower the Sales Team With Customer Analytics.

The free resource covers a variety of subtopics within the genre, including how to use social, email, web, and content analytics to benefit the sales process.

Act-On’s “Rethink Marketing” podcast was just as excited as the Ledgeview team to bring the topic to light in the digital realm.

Gilroy’s previous 15+ years of experience working in the marketing field, and now at Ledgeview in a similar role, making her an expert on the topic.

“I’ve implemented marketing automation as well as CRM in my past life,” Gilroy says. “Now I work with Ledgeview clients to do the same.”

The eBook focuses on data points we’re now collecting in the industry as marketing consultants, one of Ledgeview’s many services. These stats show that 85% of interactions are predicted to be without human interaction by 2020.

As a marketer and salesperson, many alarms should be going off in your head regarding this statistic.

More specifically, this eBook focuses on data points created by marketing teams that are passed along to sales teams using technology.

“I think today’s marketers are generating a tremendous amount of data points through the use of marketing technology like Act-On,” Gilroy says.

Throughout the podcast, Gilroy provides information, applicable across industries, to help drive the points of this eBook home. Or should we say to the office?

Gilroy insists “what’s the point?” if marketing can generate all this, but sales can’t act on the data points. Empowering the sales team with customer analytics is inherently valuable.

As marketers and salespeople, you know how integral these departments can be as part of the modern digital age of business.

Gilroy dives deep into the power of social, email, web, and content analytics in this podcast, including pro tips, examples, and stats you can directly benefit from.

If you’re looking for ways to improve the way your sales and marketing teams work together, drive sales, optimize the customer buying journey, make the most of the analytic data in your CRM system, and enhance your overall business procedure, you’re going to want to listen to this Act-On podcast.

To access the podcast, visit https://www.act-on.com/podcast/marketing-automation-empower-sales/.

Follow along with the eBook as you listen when you download it here.

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