GiveCamp BorderLike many companies across the country (and around the world) giving back is a large part of who we are here at Ledgeview Partners. Since our inception in 2007, we have been a supporter of the Compassion International Program (now sponsoring over 50 children) and each winter take our team’s bowling talents to the lanes for local charities.

That is why holding a “GiveCamp” was the logical next initiative for Ledgeview Partners. If you are unfamiliar with the term, GiveCamp is a weekend-long event where technology professionals from designers, developers and database administrators to marketers and web strategists donate their time to provide solutions for non-profit organizations.

Over the weekend of February 28-March 1st, volunteers from Ledgeview Partners joined forces, both at our corporate headquarters and from around the country, to kick off our first GiveCamp for LifePromotions a non-profit organization based in Appleton, WI.

LifePromotions, an organization using Microsoft Dynamics CRM was not seeing the fullest potential from the use of CRM. Ledgeview volunteers consisting of CRM Developers, Consultants, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Sales, Marketing and Customer Care rolled up their sleeves and dug into the weekend GiveCamp to cover four key areas.

GiveCamp Project #1: Enhance Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Working with LifePromotions, we were able to identify several areas within Dynamics CRM that our team could customize to create efficiencies, increase user adoption and track information more effectively. Some of these enhancements included:

  • Contract enhancements to auto calculate totals and deposits
  • Create auto reports for letters to eliminate need for mail merges which created over 40 hours of time savings alone.
  • Customize a create button and drop down for report types and print functions
  • Integrated iTickets with Dynamics CRM

GiveCamp Project #2: Training

Having the right tools to do the right job is important. But knowing how to use those tools is even more critical. With that in mind, Ledgeview Partners provided targeted Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ClickDimensions (Email and Marketing Automation software) user training during the GiveCamp.

GiveCamp Project #3: Donor Call Campaign

Even though a GiveCamp is typically a technology based project, our sales and customer care teams wanted to do their part. With that, our team created a script and call campaign that consisted of making nearly 500 relationship building calls to LifePromotions donors to thank them for their contributions (and of course recording an activity in Dynamics CRM to link that call to each donor’s record in CRM).

GiveCamp Project #4: Turning the Ledgeview Conference Room into a Day Care

Throughout the 135 hours of volunteer time, the most exciting and possibly craziest area of our building was the Ledgeview daycare room where (even more) volunteers engaged the children of our volunteers with a series of arts, crafts, building projects including thousands of Lego’s and many games.

Mary Rockman, the Event Coordinator for LifePromotions stated; “The Ledgeview team was incredibly helpful and flexible! Not only did we accomplish a great deal, it fostered a renewed energy and excitement to improve and use CRM to its fullest potential! The customizations Ledgeview did will help us use the program more efficiently and enable our staff to see the benefits of using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM instead of seeing the hurdles.

Rockman continues; “It was a pleasure to work with each person on the Ledgeview staff. We knew they cared about our mission. They listened to our needs and suggestions and took responsibility for the success of the project. We are impressed by the generosity and willingness to see this through from start to finish.  In addition, the training was tailored to our needs and the technical support was exactly what we needed to solve our unique use of the CRM system.

About LifePromotions
Life Promotions was established in 1982 as a nonprofit organization with a mission to instill hope in youth.  And since that time we have reached over 5 million with a positive message of hope; impacting lives all across the US through public school assembly programs, faith-based community outreach events, concerts and major events like Lifest.  Life Promotions founder, author and international speaker, Bob Lenz, has a profound impact on the lives of youth.  Youth who struggle with issues of bullying, addictions, suicide, eating disorders and more have been helped through Bob Lenz and Life Promotions. Bob has a unique ability to reach their hearts and teach them how the loving choice is always the best choice. Learn more at

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