At Ledgeview Partners we love doing webinars – and it’s one of the funnest things I do each week.

Why? Well, it generates new leads and opportunities for our sales team of course! So, if you sign up for one of our webinars don’t be surprised when you get that follow-up email or call – after all, we are using our marketing automation system (ClickDimensions) in conjunction with our CRM (Microsoft Dynamics CRM) to track and analyze each webinar that we conduct.

Internal technology aside, a really close second why we love doing webinars is that we have an extensive network of extremely knowledgeable individuals with valuable information that can be a key resource to help you in your role and grow your business.

At Ledgeview we focus on transforming business, one relationship at a time and providing you with the tools (information) you need to succeed is a key component of that.

We have a pretty diverse line-up of live webinars slated for the month of February. We hope that you find a topic (or several) that interests you.

Upcoming February Webinars:

Webinar: Microsoft Office 365 vs Google Apps for Work: A 10-Point Comparison
February 3rd 11:30am – 12pm CST

Reliability, pricing, data privacy and support. Those are just a few keys points to consider when selecting a productivity suite with tools for email, documents, calendar and file-sharing for your business.

In this webinar we will address 10 comparison points between Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Work. You’ll learn the pros and cons of each of these industry leading solutions.

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Webinar: How to Empower your Sales Team with Customer Analytics
 February 11th 11:30am -12pm CST

Sales, Marketing, Customer Service. They all capture a tremendous amount of customer data – but how are you turning that valuable information into relevant, insightful and accessible data for your sales team to close new business, at a faster rate?

Our monthly marketing webinar series continues with this 30 minute scenario-based webinar that will demonstrate how exposing marketing activity information to the Sales Team can help them be more informed about their customers’ needs before making that first sales connection. In return, pushing sales result data back will empower your marketing team and efforts

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Webinar: Gaining CRM User Adoption: A 27 Point Inspection
March 2nd 11am – 11:45am CST (New Date)

Whether you are implementing a new CRM, or hoping to jump start stale users, this session will cover a wide range of questions, ideas and stories to help you increase the user adoption of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce or any CRM solution at your organization starting with what to do before CRM, during implementation and after deployment to not only get your users on board with CRM – but love it. This very popular live session (turned webinar) was originally presented at Ledgeview’s CRM Conference last fall in Milwaukee, WI.

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Webinar: Microsoft Dynamics CRM: A Spotlight on Service
February 18th 11:30am – 12pm CST

Beyond Sales and Marketing, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be an invaluable tool for creating amazing customer experiences and driving customer service efficiencies within your organization. In this 30 minute webinar, we are putting the spotlight on ‘Service’. Service by Microsoft Dynamics empowers customers through their choice of self and assisted service options; empowers agents to deliver fast, informed and effective resolutions. Join our Dynamics CRM product expert we showcase Service Management, Unified Service Desk and highlight CRM 2016 service features like Knowledgebase, interactive dashboards, new case forms and more.

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Dynamics CRM User Group Webinars:

Webinar: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Monthly User Group
February 16th 11:30am -12pm CST

Geared to current users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in these monthly webinars from Ledgeview Partners, CRM product experts will focus on CRM best practices for a new topic each month (Advanced Find, Dashboards, etc), and answer “How do I…” questions users submit when registering.

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Webinar: CRM for Oil and Gas Monthly User Group
February 19th 11am – 11:30am CST

Join Ledgeview Partners for this CRM for Oil and Gas (powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM) User Group geared towards general CRM users that will provide additional training on how to more effectively and efficiently utilize Ledgeview’s CRM within your company.

Each 30 minute session (held every month) will start with a short training topic (like Dashboards, Advanced Find, Reports, etc) and then our product experts will answer your pre-submitted “How To” questions.

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Focus: Industry (and Product) Specific:

Webinar: CRM 101 for SMB Manufacturers
February 10th 12pm – 1pm CST

Many manufacturing companies in the United States are having a difficult time finding ways to stay competitive. Let’s face it many customers are turning to cheaper options overseas and you have many pain points to overcome to stay in the game. Finding ways to keep lead times to a minimum, improving communication with customers to reduce rework, cost overruns and delays and streamlining internal communications between sales, marketing, service, the manufacturing floor and others.

Customer Relationship Management or “CRM” has thousands of features around Sales, Marketing and Customer Service that is guiding companies to amazing results. But what exactly is CRM? Why might you need it? How do you select one? And how do you actually get your people to use (and love) it?

In this webinar we will provide you answers to all those questions and more as we examine CRM, specifically for small and medium sized Manufacturers.

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Webinar: CRM for Oil and Gas: What’s New in February 2016 (Powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM)
When: February 10th 1:30pm – 2pm CST

With a new year comes new enhancements, features, and functionality for Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil and Gas product powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  In this webinar, CRM Product Consultant Steve Reybrock will give you the exclusive, inside look at all the new enhancements that will be live rollout to CRM for Oil and Gas users on February 15, 2016.

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Stay tuned as we continue to add more webinars and events to our lineup. If you have any suggestions for upcoming webinars we should hold (or even want to be a presenter) we would love to hear from you. Contact Chad Collett, Director of Marketing at Ledgeview Partners at or give me a call at 920.560.6882

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