Lessons from Salesforce | Prioritizing Employee Wellness – Getting Better Sleep

Last week, we covered the importance of sleep and how it contributes to overall wellness and employee productivity.

Today, in the second unit of the Salesforce Trailhead module, “The Value of Sleep,” Salesforce covers How to Get Better Sleep.

In this unit, you will learn about:

  • Common sleep myths
  • Positive sleep habits
  • How to create a work culture that promotes the value of sleep, employee wellness, and a work-life balance
  • And more

According to a Gallup poll Salesforce references, “40% of American adults are sleep deprived.” But, it’s not just the United States that fails to get the generally accepted 7-9 recommended hours.

Salesforce says a Sleep Cycle data survey found that “no country in the world achieves an average of 8 hours of sleep per night.”

Can you believe it?

We are a sleep-deprived world, and that needs to change when it comes to our health and wellbeing.

Before you say, “there’s no way I can get 8 hours of sleep per night! I’m way too busy…” Salesforce addresses some common myths to help you put that idea (literally) to rest.

First, Salesforce says sleeping is something you can’t bank. So, while you may think you can catch up on sleep over the weekend after not getting enough sleep on weeknights, it doesn’t work that way.

Salesforce compares this to accumulating years of debt and trying to pay it off in one fell swoop. They remind us, “there’s no winning the sleep lottery.”

Sleep must be a priority every night.

Next, you may think napping is a “no-no,” but this is the furthest from the truth. Salesforce says studies from “Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism” have shown that short naps lower stress and boost immunity.”

So go ahead and take a 15-minute nap after the workday to recharge and rejuvenate! Use the time you would’ve binge-watching your favorite TV show to take care of yourself.

Lessons from Salesforce | Prioritizing Employee Wellness – Getting Better Sleep

The third myth Salesforce addresses is a storybook one – counting sheep before sleep. Should we be doing it? Yes and no. It’s really just a distraction, Salesforce says. The best thing to do, according to the National Sleep Foundation, is thinking of something that relaxes you before bed.

If you really can’t fall asleep, experts recommend leaving your bedroom so your brain does not associate your bed with being awake. (“Get Better Sleep,” Salesforce Trailhead.)

The last myth Salesforce addresses is drinking an adult beverage before bed. While there is a common belief that alcohol helps you wind down, research shows that “alcohol blocks REM sleep” and only acts as a sedative, rather than a healing and restorative aid.

The body needs REM sleep to keep you “mentally sharp.”

To create the best sleep of your life, Salesforce provides these tips:

  • “Create a sleep routine
  • Turn down the lights
  • Unplug
  • Create a cool sleep environment
  • Exercise
  • Limit caffeine to the morning and early afternoon
  • Pay attention to what you are eating before bed
  • Spend time in nature
  • And unwind”

Don’t miss the important details behind these tips. As always, we encourage you to complete these units in full so that you fully grasp the material!


To create a company culture that promotes and values sleep, you may do several things.

At Ledgeview Partners, for example, we have a Health & Wellness Program that leads events and sends information on important health issues and wellness tips, such as getting a good night’s sleep, baking with alternative (healthier) ingredients, challenging our team members to get outdoors and exercise, and much more.

This committee leads cultural initiatives focusing on concepts explored in units like this.

Sharing blogs and videos or creating your own is an awesome way to get your team engaged in their own health and wellness. You may send these via email or share them in a team chat portal.

Keep the conversation alive by having consistent communications. Don’t let it fall to the wayside.

Lessons from Salesforce | Prioritizing Employee Wellness – Getting Better Sleep

Delegate responsibility to someone on your own Health & Wellness team who will be in charge of sending weekly or biweekly wellness communications. (Whatever cadence you see fit, so long as you can hold yourselves to it!)

You may even create a space specifically for rest in your own office to help employees sit down, take a break, unplug, and rejuvenate. Maybe even nap pods like at Huffington Post!

Arianna Huffington, CEO of Thrive Global and Greek-American author of books like “Sleep Revolution,” says “office nap rooms will soon be as common as conference rooms for employees.” (Frej, 2016.)

In terms of COVID-19, the office environment as we know it, however, has dramatically changed. You may see a shift in work culture dynamics with employers encouraging their team members to take breaks.

Working completely from home may make it difficult to turn off technology and step away to restore, but it’s crucial that we all keep it up to keep moving forward through times of great change.

Nurture your health and sleep well.

Learn more about how to create a culture that promotes sleep in this thought-provoking module.


How can we make your business and technology journey better? At Ledgeview, we put your business process first and technology second, to ensure you have the best chance to succeed with solutions like Salesforce.

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