LinkedInIn February 2020, LinkedIn unveiled a new Profile ‘Featured’ section to allow users to showcase:

  • Posts they’ve shared or re-shared
  • Articles they’ve written and published on LinkedIn
  • Links to external websites (such as a professional portfolio or company website)
    • Freelancers may also include links to their guest posts, features, press, etc.
  • Media (presentations, PDFs, resumes, etc.)

However, to protect user privacy, LinkedIn users are not able to feature posts from LinkedIn Events or groups they’re a part of.

If you want to make an impact on LinkedIn, utilize this new section to boost your professional credibility on the platform. Stand out among your peers as an influencer in your craft, build brand awareness, or attract recruiters. There are many ways to leverage the LinkedIn Featured Profile section to achieve your goals.

To start utilizing it, follow these steps:

1. Login to your LinkedIn

2. Navigate to your profile page

3. Scroll below the “About” section – you should see a new “Featured” section

4. To start adding content to your profile, click the “+” icon in the upper right-hand corner of this block

linkedin featured section

5. Click on the content type you’d like to add

For posts, you will see a pop-up window of recent posts you’ve shared or created. You can pin any of them to your Featured section simply by clicking on the star feature icon.

You can pin multiples at once. All of those you select the star feature icon for will appear in your Featured section. Once you’ve selected all of those you want to feature, click “Done”.

For articles, you will see a pop-up window of recent articles you crafted or posted directly on LinkedIn. To feature them, click on as many articles you want to feature, and then click “Done” once you’ve selected all of those you want to showcase.

Add links to any websites (professional work samples, professional portfolio, freelance work, etc.), photos (especially great for press features or photographers to showcase their work), documents (great for showcasing reports or research you’ve crafted), videos (press you’ve been featured in or videos you’ve created), and presentations (great for speakers, presenters, or hosts to showcase their work).


You cannot add multiple links at once. You must save each link at a time and click “Done” when you’re ready. Then you can go back and add more, one at a time.

Be sure to include a proper description for each link and piece of media you upload to your LinkedIn Featured section to optimize your SEO value within the network search bar.

Once you select or upload Featured content, it is considered for trending news stories and subjects within the network along with your other news feed posts. Posts that trend on LinkedIn are based on quality, SME (subject matter expert) credibility, engagement rates, and more.

You can learn more about why a post trends and what it means here.

While many LinkedIn users tend to believe it’s algorithm alone that gets you trending, many digital marketing experts agree that it’s about how you promote your content that matters most. Is there an element of empathy? Resonance? Urgency? How you relate to your audience really matters, so be sure to thoroughly consider your descriptions, titles, and hashtag usage as you craft every post, description, headline, article, etc.

Finally, for media, upload any presentations, videos, photographs, or any other supported content that’s relevant to your career field and aspirations to showcase. You may even choose to upload a public resume to make it easy for recruiters to access your information if that is your intention.

Once you’re done with all of your content and have saved it appropriately, you will see it appear in your Featured section.

To edit your Featured section, click on the pencil tool. Here, you can drag and drop your content to redo the order you uploaded them. Place what’s most important to you first. You can edit at any time.

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