If you are utilizing ClickDimensions for your marketing automation then you know that each quarter they publish a new release and roll out new enhancements to users and this July 15th marks the day for the next update.

While each release contains several updates, ClickDimensions recently gave us a sneak peek into four really cool features that will be included in the July 2014 release.

Eventbrite Integration

This one is really exciting to marketers around the globe who already utilize this sweet event coordination tool. ClickDimensions already had the capability to integrate with GoToWebinar (which we use here at Ledgeview and works great) and WebEx but did not have an integration with a live event management tool – until now.  But that wait is over. Now for those live in-person events you can finally utilize a fully integrated Eventbrite to manage your event – and do it directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Drag & Drop Editor gets Responsive

Drag and Drop Responsive Design ClickDimensions

Go to any retail store that sells smartphones, tablets and laptops and you will see how many different screen size options are out there – it is staggering. For marketers it is a constant challenge to ensure that your carefully crafted emails can be (easily) accessed on each and every device. With ClickDimensions Drag and Drop Editor (which is awesome by the way, and my favorite way to create email templates) it will now produce responsive designs that will automatically resize your emails to fit any device screen size.

Inbox Preview

If you are fortunate enough to get a target prospect to read your emails you want to make sure that whether it is via Outlook or Gmail, Internet Explorer or Safari, that they get the experience you want them to have. Now, instead of testing your emails to multiple email addresses (although still a good idea) and opening up your message in multiple browsers on multiple devices, ClickDimensions will allows marketers to see a snapshot of what the email will look like in several in boxes in one easy preview screen!

ClickDimensions Inbox Preview

Identifying the ‘Clone’

Cloning is sweet – plain and simple. I mean, how crazy is it recreating what you already spent (a lot of) quality time perfecting? Currently in ClickDimensions you can clone entities like email templates, forms, landing pages and nurture campaigns. But the problem has been that if you don’t rename your ‘Clone’, it can be confusing which entity is the original and what the clone is. With the release on July 15th you will now be able to easily identify the original. After the release, when you create a clone in ClickDimensions it will attach a prefix [CLONE] before the name.  You can still alter the name (and should as a best practice), but if you are in a hurry or simply forget to change it, you can easily go back and identify the original.

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