In one of our recent user group webinars we went over how to save a lot of time by mapping lead data to a new opportunity in Dynamics 365/CRM. This will save you time from re-entering information you already have in CRM. Below is how you would set this up. You will need to have access to customization section in CRM to do this, if you don’t just contact your CRM admin.

1. Go to the Customization page.


2. Go to Customize the System


3. Go to Entities, Leads, then 1:N Relationships.


4. Filter by Related Entity


5. Find the relationship between Opportunities and their originating Lead and open it. If you don’t have this relationship, create it with the information shown.


6. In the new window, select Mappings. This will show all of the items mapped from Lead to Opportunity.


7. To create a mapping click New


8. For this example, we are going to make the Parent Account for Lead lookup field map to the Account lookup field (Opportunity). After selecting the fields you want to map, click OK.


9. Click Save and Close on the Relationship: Lead to Opportunity window.


10. Publish All Customizations on the Solution window.


Now you are all set and when new opportunities are created in Dynamics 365/CRM you will see lead data automatically populate opportunity fields where it is relevant.

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