Questions Every Marketer Should Ask

Questions Every Marketer Should Ask

If you’re ready to dive deep into the targeting process of marketing automation, it’s time you start asking yourself these key questions sooner rather than later in the marketing automation implementation process.

These three questions will become crucial to your marketing automation workflow.

  1. Who are you personalizing for?

Know your customer, know your business procedure, know your marketing automation process.

Knowing your customer and understanding what you need to give to them will help you configure your marketing automation system to best serve your business.

Know each customer segment. Understand what the sales triggers are for each segment to understand how they’re moving through each step of the sales process and becoming “sales-ready.”

Identifying the right messaging will enable you to share the right content at the right time with the right people.

Personalize Marketing Automation with CRM

Questions Every Marketer Should Ask

Marketing message personalization will become second-nature to you when you understand the customer’s journey and mindsets while they are going through each step.

  1. What content/messaging do you want to position?

Once your segments are defined, your next step will be content marketing positioning. Delivering the right messages at the right time is essentially optimization.

Optimized messages will ensure quality messages are delivered to your target audience at times that work best for them, through the most relevant channels.

When your customers’ buyer personas are clearly lain out, you will be able to use your marketing automation system to reach the red dot on your sales target every time.

Types of content you could share may include case studies, blogs, eBooks, videos, events, infographics, social media posts, product demos, webinars, testimonials, etc. Tailor content by industry.

Make sure the information you release is up to date and on-trend with whatever is going on within them. Be relatable and relevant.

  1. Where will you use your content?

The last piece of the personalization puzzle is defining where you will be spreading your content. You don’t just want to blast it everywhere.

Make your strategy specific to your industry, brand agenda, and customer focus. Target, target, target.

Where you can reach your customers has the potential to be vast, but when you learn to analyze response metrics, you will identify where to put the most time and spend into your marketing automation systems and projects.

The best way to know where to target your audience is to know your audience. This makes question #1 the golden rule of personalizing your marketing automation system. Know your audience!

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Harnessing the Power of Marketing Automation

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